Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Post #5 - May 8, 1941 Planning a Family Visit to Ft. Meade, MD

May 8, 1941
7:10 P.M.

Dearest Phil:

Why haven’t you written? We are all worried about you. You should at least drop us a card so that we would know that everything is O.K. We don’t know what to think.

I have wonderful news. The Browns just called & said that they would take Mom & I down to see  you Sunday. We told them about the Wymans and they probably felt sorry for us. At any rate, sweet, we’ll be on our way at about 8, Uncle Nish, Tante Bosh, Bea, Milton, Mom & myself.

I called the Greyhound Bus Lines & it costs $3.15 to go directly to Ft. Meade. The train trip costs $2.75 & then you take a bus, which amounts to more, to get to Fort Meade. It’s rather expensive. The whole family could go for the same money, if we had a car. I think soldiers are entitled to a reduction, so it would be cheaper for you to come home, if & when you can.

I had a surprise visit from Lena Tucker & her beau, Heshy. They were engaged & are going to be married Aug. 31. They plan to take an apartment around here.

We are going (I just sneezed) to have company this week-end in the form of Mr. & Mrs. M. Gutkin & Mr. & Mrs. (Anne) Carl Fuhr. They are coming in on Sat. at 1 o’clock.

I forgot to mention in my last letter that my mother “hit” again for two cents.

Your Mom just interrupted me. She says that you should answer immediately so that we can be sure about Sunday—whether everything is alright the way we plan it. We will definitely be there Sunday, unless you write to the contrary.

Jack has been seeing quite a bit of Evette & makes no secret of his feelings for her. He says she actually told him that she likes him, very much. Maybe, huh?

Harry has been acting a little better of late. He says he will be afraid to go near you when you get back—you’ll be so strong & powerful.

Mom is her usual self. Just worries all the time.

Maybe if you wrote her just a few lines she would feel better. (She claims she’s jealous that you are all mine now.) Are you? Gee, I miss you, baby. It seems like a year since I last saw you. Every day, in some way I remember  you. I am either quoting you or imitating you or sumpin’. You seem to be in my blood.

I hope my letters aren’t boring as very little happens around here for me to write about. But, at least I write. Please, dear, even if it is just a card, but write + (shorthand period)

Love from,
Your wife,

P.S. Everybody has been asking about you.