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Post #652 - May 18, 1945 Milt Brown is At the Front Again, Seeing Action on Minandoa [Mindanao]


May 18, 1945

Sweetheart Mine:

It is now seven days since I had mail from you. I realize that I cannot depend on receiving mail regularly due to the movement of troops, supplies, etc., but I can't help wondering what the hold up is and whether or not you are coming back to the States. I'm terribly restless because of it and I'll feel lots better when I know something - one way or the other. This stage reminds me of the times we didn't know where we stood in the draft.

I wanted to tell you about several of Adele's remarks and always seem to forget. The other day she said to Mom, "Nanmom, do me a favor, Bring me up a glass of milk." This morning she went to the mirror, fussed with her hair and said, "I'm making myself a pompadour," Yesterday when I was walking with her over to my mother's a woman, who lives across the street from my mother, called to Adele, "How are you, honey?" She replied, "I'm fine, How's your husband?" Well, I thought we'd both die! She (Adele) had never seen the woman's husband, nor did she ever make a remark like that before. She must have overheard someone else use the expression and fitted it in perfectly. What a kid! Phil, if you don't come home soon, I don't what I'll do! Adele is so very interesting now and I can't help feel that you are missing so much that I know you would enjoy. Gosh, darling, she's liable to be jealous of you when you vie for my affections, but I doubt it, cause she's not a jealous kid, nor is she selfish. She'll give Diana anything we ask her to or any one else for that matter. Most kids usually won't part with their possessions. I know Diana won't, but Adele always did. It really doesn't matter, for it is what they do when they are older that counts the most.

Adele napped one day this week, but for the most part, she has more or less cut out the afternoon naps, I'd say she naps about two to three times a week now. She's been sleeping very soundly and has been so good lately that I'm afraid to talk about it for fear something will change,

Last night I bathed her, sewed and knitted and washed some clothes. That's how I spend most of my evenings when I stay in. I have no patience for letter-writing and haven't written letters for some time now. Milt Brown is at the front again, seeing action on Minandoa, as I haven't heard from him for some time.

Remember Dotsie, Ben's niece (candy store)? Well her family bought a candy store out in West Philly and they moved out there yesterday. I tore this when pushing my carriage and don't feel like typing it over. Hope it gets through okay.

I'm hoping there will be some mail for me tomorrow. That's all I seem to think about any more. Good night, honey, I love you so very much and am so impatient for some word from you.

Your Eve