Saturday, July 18, 2020

Post #87 - October 21, 1942 What A Close Call! and A Great Favorite of Morpheus

Loose translation of below letter:
My loving and dear son, Philipka,
I am holding your heart-felt letter of Tuesday. I spent about a half a day reading and re-reading, with great pride, about your life. To your health, my dear Philipka! You will never understand how much you have caused my heart to beat faster with your little letter, and with the dear words that you write. The money we spent for you to learn Yiddish has been well-spent and I am delighted to be able to read your little letters, and especially appreciate how intelligently you write, my dear Phil. We are gratified to hear that you miss us. I feel that even though it is hard for you now, we will be here for you and, with time, the pain will ease. Never have you been so far away from home, and it can’t be helped. Let us hope that everything will be alright. My dear son, I beg of you, if it is not too hard, that when you have time to write that you will often send a little Yiddish letter. By doing this, you will bring me a large amount of pleasure. And as for everything else, you have already heard from Evelyn. I have nothing more to write. I remain waiting for your next letter with good news. Stay in good health and stay strong. I am praying to God for the best of luck for you. Momma