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Post #481 - October 12, 1944 This Morning I Took a Walk to 11th St. and I Stopped at One of the Kiddie Stores There


Oct. 12. 1944

Dearest Phil,

No mall today and I'm a little disappointed. Since yesterday's letter was ten days old, I fully expected another today, since ten days is rather old for your mail, when you consider that most of your letters are usually five day old. Here's hoping tomorrow brings something.

I brought home that blackboard for Adele and she got quite a kick out of it. When I took the chalk to show her how to write she yelled "Me". So I gave her the chalk and she had one helluva time scribbling all over the slate. I wish you could hear her count up to ten all by herself. This morning she did something cute. She ran to your night table drawer, yanked out your socks and ran to Mom "to show her Daddy's socks". When she had handed mom the first pair, she dashed off, saying there was "more". Oh, darling, - if only you could see her!

This morning I took a walk to 11th St, and I stopped at one the kiddie stores there and tried several coat outfits on Adele, I can't seem to find one that has the lines I particularly like. Most kids coats look like they hang and make the kid look like a scarecrow. Finally she showed me one outfit of a moss green color, the coat a very pimply plaid. It was a nice plaid, but somehow I didn't care for it. However, when Adele got it on, it looked so beautiful that I changed my mind. She did not have that particular coat in Adele’s size and will try to get it for me. The coat and leggings would cost $20.95 and I would have to buy a bonnet to match, to complete the outfit. If she isn't able to get this outfit for me, I shall wait til Adele's birthday to get one. And just for the record, Adele's shoe size (I think you might be Interested) is 7 1/2 D.

I managed to get a v-mail off to Milt last night, ofter finishing my letter to you. I haven't heard from him in almost a month, and don't want him to think I wait for him to write before answering.

Harry is classified as a third grade mechanic at the Navy yard and his hours are from 7:15 to about 5:30. However, it is about an hour's ride up and back and that will add two more hours to his day.

Tomorrow I get my glasses and I intend to make good use of them. Those vitamin pills are beginning to work on me and I’m always hungry - day and night. Sometimes I actually feel like I'm starving and I'm eating better than ever. I'm not weighing myself for a few days til I'm sure I've put on a lot of weight - ketch. I want my report to be good.

I was just listening to Bing Crosby sing "White Christmas” and it reminded me of the time we went to see "Holiday Inn" with Jack N. and It also made me very, very lonesome for you see I had hoped that perhaps you would spend this Xmas with

Your Eve