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Post #460 - September 19, 1944 Adele Sticks Her Nose Up in the Air and Says a Very Definite “No!” and Letters from Ruth Paller and Dot Cohen


Sept. 19, 1944

My dearest,

I started to type Sept. 18, cause I didn't write yesterday and then I changed the date to the19th, which is today.

Sunday afternoon as I walked out of the house to mail your letter, up drove Ethel, Al and family. They came to call for the high-chair, which Ethel needs for Stuart. Stuart is quite a big boy now, being almost six months old. He's a good-looking kid, with big blue eyes. Adele almost started to cry when Al picked up the high chair and put it into the car. She cried out, "Al, down,” meaning, put the chair down. Long after the car had pulled out of sight she looked after it, and kept saying "Al".

I gave Adele dinner at my mother's house and Ruth took over so that I could eat supper here. On my way back from my mother's I felt funny and soon discovered that I was unwell. No wonder I felt so badly all weekend, Goldie had a guest for the weekend - her girlfriend Shirley. (the one you thought. was so chesty in a snap with Harry and Goldie). She isn't half as nice as her picture led me to believe, but nevertheless she is a nice kid and she was my bed partner for two nights, One night we both jabbered until 1:30 A. M. about everything under the sun. She is the gal who was writing to Harry W., but now she is contemplating marriage within a few weeks.

Sunday night we had a delicious dinner and I got Adele to bed early. When I was finished I was pretty tired and relaxed in the easy chair for a short while. Then I decided to knit for a little while. I've finished the back of the pink sweater and have started the fronts. The family sat outside and I soon joined them. Mr. & Mrs. Frommer and daughter and Mrs. Feldman were aiso there and we chatted about this and that. During the evening the bench collapsed, for the leg on one side was completely rotted. My dad has promised to try to fix it for us.

Later that night Shirley and I gabbed away and so the next morning I found it difficult to get up, Adele was insistent that I give her breakfast, so up I got. I’m using her table and one chair in the corner where the high chair stood and it just fits. Adele loves the new arrangement. I put her food on the table and she eats it herself. Sometimes I feed her, according to my wishes. It's been rainy and cloudy all weekend so both Adele and I have had to stay in the house. I knitted a little while Adele played on the porch. She had lunch and we both took a nap. Forgot to mention that I had lunch too, I think I've put most of that lost weight back on. I've been making it a point to eat, even if it means stuffing myself.

I had a few letters yesterday. Yours of the 9th Sept., Eddie's undated letter (he mentioned having pains in his head and back and I wondered if you knew about this), a New Year's greeting from the Benises (I shall send one off to them and their folks) and a card from the Florists Association through which you sent us the flowers. They wanted to know if we received the flowers on Mother's Day, as they were making a survey. Many of the gifts did not reach the recipients on the special day. Your letter was very cute, honey, and were you here I’d simply eat you up - no kiddin'.

Last night I had a good time. I went in town with Goldie and Shirley to see a movie, I wore my tailored suit and dubonnet accessories and my hair looked very nice, thank you. We took the 10th & Somerville bus and changed to the subway. We came out of the subway on the corner of Broad and Chestnut and as we passed the Morris Bldg. I mentioned the fact that it was at this very spot that you and Len met me that morning we took out our marriage license. Every familiar sight as we walked along Chestnut St. to 19th - (Boyd) set me to remembering and I couldn't help mentioning several things. I felt a great longing for you all evening long. The picture, "Janie", for my money, was excellent. It was a light comedy and just the sort of picture I was in the mood for. It made me laugh quite a bit. I think you'd enjoy it immensely, in case you haven't seen it. After the show we walked to 19th & Market and stopped into a drug store, where we had sundaes. It was an extra special large chocolate nut sundae and I was having trouble finishing it. I remarked, "If Phil were here, he'd simply divide it in half and eat both his and half of mine". However, I determined to eat it and did. We took the subway and walked home from Broad St. along Ruscomb St., which recalled memories of our last visit to that drug store on York Road and Ruscomb Sts. (before we went to the Broad theatre) snd the many nights I had come arunnin’ to meet you when you were coming home from Ft. Dix.

Shortly before we left the house, who should call but Myra. She called to wish us all a Happy New Year, and, undoubtedly, to clear her conscience. I didn't get the chance to talk to her, but I called her this morning, as I wanted to tell her about my grandmother's death. Someday I'll tell you quite a bit about what had and has happened between Lil, Myra and myself and you'll have a clearer picture. I’d rather save it for some day, ifn’ you don't mind. I promised to see Myra in the near future and fully intend to.

Today yours very lovingly of Sept. 11th arrived I'm not mad cause you neglected to write on the 10th, “cause you took 40 thousand winks" instead of 40.

You asked in this one whether Adele pronounces the “r" in dear, Well, not exactly. Sometimes she does, and sometimes she doesn't. I forgot to tell you about this. Ruth took her to her girlfriend’s house one afternoon and there was soldier present. She ran to him, calling him daddy. When she got a good look at him she said, "Uh-uh" (meaning no). Honestly, sweet, I'm sure she'll know you.

Emma joined Phil in Georgia for the holidays. Etta came over for a short visit yesterday. She is very, very big and is due the end of October, beginning of November.

Miss Hahn called me several times, wanting to know if I could come to work for her, but I declined. I mean to get more rest, no matter what. I shall try to do some work for her from time to time, cause she is having lots of difficulty getting a steady girl.

Dot called and had the blues. She called Snuff long distance and almost wanted to join him, if he could get a place. She still might. Since I didn't see her this weekend, I am definitely going to see her this coming weekend,

Our new next door neighbors, Mr. & Mrs. Okrock (I'm not sure of the spelling) gave Adele a jumping rope. They are very nice neighbors and are in the fruit business. We walk from one house to the other through the porch as we did with the Feldman's,

The memory that recurred to me most during the entire night was the fact that three years hence you came home to me, with no strings attached (or were there?). Phil, I'm anxiously awaiting a repetition of that very same day and I hope it isn't too far off. I'm getting impatient for a change. It's really only my mood tonight, for I'm very anxious to see you at this very moment.

Mom received a New Year's greeting from Harold Adams, which was in the nature of a surprise to her.

Adele has reached the hitting stage and lifts her hands freely though I caution her frequently. I wish very hard that you were here now, for there are times when I feel my strength to keep up with her will give out, She's fresh, too, sticks her nose up in the air and says a very definite "no"! Ethel thinks her only fault is her features is her nose. Too broad is Ethel's conclusion, but cute at that.

Rae is here for dinner this evening and, as is usual, sends her best regards..

Sarah painted Adele's fingernails with red polish this afternoon and Adele still can't get over it. She's a real woman alright! Yeh man!

Adele and I filled the penny bank to the top with pennies, nickels and quarters and this afternoon Adele helped me get them out. I'm going to change them in for defense stamps and start another bond.

I literally rushed through this letter, honey, So you'll have to forgive any technical errors. I wanted to write a long letter, as I've been writing v-mails all week, so I hope I'm forgiven. You asked me to write of particular memories in connection with sex, in a recent letter. I don't think I shall ever forget the first night you wanted to show me "how". I was dead sick with fright, but I wanted to cause I knew how much I loved you. I was never sorry. On the contrary, I'll use one of Adele's phrases, "Oh Boy !" And do you recall one night when I wore nothing but my coat? And do you recall how we spent Sunday mornings when you came in on pass from Ft. Meade; not once, not twice, but three and more times! And once when we had the radio to accompany us! Oh, Phil, darling, the best days of our lives are slipping by unnoticed. Of course there will be others, but this part of our youth is most important. I regret that more than anything, though more so for you.

I love you, darling husband, and exist only for the day that you will return to me and be home or "home" once more (don't tell me which “home" you would prefer - I'm sure I know) and before I just fly straight to you for want of you, I sign off as usual

Your Eve

September 19, 1944

Dear Phil:

Sorry I didn't write sooner, but I hope you'll understand. I came home from the shore September 9th and I bought Adele a lot of things. I bought her a pair of dubonnet corduroy jodhpurs and a powder blue long-sleeved polo shirt to go with them. Also a white blouse with a square neck with eyelet lace around it. There are four tiny buttons in the front, but it really buttons down the back. I also bought her a reversible doll. You see a little white doll’s face and a real long flowered skirt, and when you pick the skirt up you see a little colored doll with a different flowered skirt on. The idea is real cute and I think it is one of the most original I ever saw. I went back to school last week and I now have five majors, and physical education and hygiene are my only minors. I have biology, bookkeeping, modern history, English and practical math. The teachers I have seemed very nice, and I hope I can say the same about them at the end of the term. While I was down the shore, my brother Sy came down for a few days. We took some studio pictures and snapshots together and they came out very nice. A week after Sy went back to Philly, Shorty came down for a few days, too. In all, I had a swell time down there and I hope I can go again next year. But with the family, of course I was glad to hear you were able to see Eddie and I only wish you could get to see him more often. But as you said in one of your letters, you have no choice in the matter. I had that picture that Eddie sent home made into an 8’ x 10”. I intend to have it colored soon if it's possible. I'll send you a picture of Sy and me as soon as I have more made. At the present moment, Sy has all of the pictures, so I'm going to order more for myself. Sy by the way, called us up Saturday, (September 16th) and he may be home in two weeks on a forty-eight hour pass. He's on the battleship New York somewhere in the States and he expects to remain on this side until December. Eve probably wrote you about everything else, so I guess there's nothing more to write. I’ll close now with love and regards from all. 

Love and Kisses, 

P.S. I bought you a box of salt water taffies but Eve’s enclosing them in one of her packages to you. Let me know when you receive them. 

September 19, 1944 

Dear Phil, 

I don't remember who owes who what, but here I am again. Since Snuff went away, I'm way behind in my correspondence. I know you'll understand. 

I spoke to Evvie today and she promised to meet me in town some night. For my 21st birthday, all the girls are going to a show and a nightclub. We’re just big shots. 

I registered to vote yesterday. It will be my first time. Phil, What are the fellows views on who should be President? I know I'm casting mine for Roosevelt. After all, he has been in since I'm nine years old. 

I saw some very good pictures lately. “Janie,” “Wilson,” “Mr. Sheffington,” and “She Loved a Soldier.” They were all entertaining. I put a call through for Snuff last night and it was really good to hear his voice. If I continue feeling like I do, I'll probably join him. Of course I hope to be able to hold out until he finishes his basic, which will be around the first of the year. 

I have been playing quite a bit of gin rummy lately, and I really enjoy the game. My luck hasn't been too good, but I'm hoping for a change. 

I'm enclosing some pictures of the baby and I hope you like them. Of course I'm prejudiced. But he really is a doll. He still has platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. He has features like girl. He's really quite smart and picks up things rapidly. There isn't much more news now, so I'll close and please write soon. 

As ever,