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Post #643 - May 6, 1945 Most of Us are Looking for the Declaration of V-E Day Tomorrow, or Tuesday


6 May 1945

My Darling,

It's been three days since I had any mail. Not that that's so unusual. I was wondering if receipt of my “nasty” letter didn't perhaps cause you to suspend writing temporarily as a means of retribution. I shall be greatly
surprised - yes, and disappointed in you if such proves to be the case. Deep down, I know you wouldn’t do a thing like that, but as I have said, I was wondering—There is really very little I can tell you tonight, honey, except that the end of the war in Europe (i.e., the official end) is expected momentarily. Most of us are looking for the declaration of V-E day tomorrow, or Tuesday. Strangely enough, I can't get excited about it. I can only feel very good inside that no more of our boys will be killed or wounded on European battlefields. As for the immediate effects V-E day will have on me individually, I’m pretty much in the dark. The plans for the re-deployment of the Sqdn. have, in all probability, been decided some time ago, but we can't be sure which of three possible courses will be ours, and that's why I can't get excited about the finishing of our work here. The three alternatives I believe you know, but I’ll enumerate them for you, anyway. (1) Return to the States, (2) Direct re-deployment to the Pacific Theater. (3) Air Force of occupation. You know, of course, Sweet, that only one of the three will suit me, and you must know that I have my own private opinion of which it will be, and what that opinion is, but we must not lose sight of the fact that they are equal possibilities. At any rate, whichever it will be has probably been decided for us, so we'll have to accept it, whatever it is. But we should know within the next month or two, in any case. In the meantime, I'm keeping very busy. The days fly by like so many minutes—indeed, I’m working against time to get the records I am charged with up-to-date, and I can’t see how I can attain that happy condition for at least a month yet at the rate I am going. I think I explained that it's slow work. I know no way to speed it up, tho’, so I'll just have to keep plugging along as best I can. Incidentally, the Orderly Room staff, up to its ears in work, cannot get passes until it has caught up. It is just four weeks since I've had a pass, or even left the station, and if I can't get a pass ’til I get caught up, well, the next time I’ll leave the base will probably be when we move. I won't even mind that, honey, just so long as we move in the right direction. G’night now, sweetheart. I love you so much!

Your Phil

P.S. A kiss for Adele. Love to all.