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Post #659 - May 26, 1945 It's Getting to be Like Old Times with Some of the Boys Home!


May 26, 1945

Phil, my dearest,

There was no mail from you yesterday, but there was a nice letter from Jack Nerenberg and a confirmation of their marriage from his wife. Her parents' name is Mr. & Mrs. Lorenzo Beckley Mann. Jack took my suggestion and spent a whole evening writing to you. Now you'll have some first hand information concerning him. He is still at the hospital and is impatiently awaiting a discharge. He says, "Can you picture me going to bed every night at 9? This is a very boring life!" He goes on to say that he hadn't seen Marge for 23,040 minutes. He knows I feel sorry for him, but he should compare the time we haven't seen each other. Does that make him feel better? No - he still feels 
badly - so there now!

Last night was another of those unexciting evenings. In fact, we're so slow at work that I could type to you all day long, providing I could dream up enough to write about. Strangely, and because I do have the time, I 
find it almost impossible to concentrate and write and write, much as I want to. I caught up on my correspondence at work yesterday by writing to Seymour, Gloria and Milt. I got home early, had dinner, bathed Adele, fitted more of her clothes so that I could put them in a wearable condition, showered, set my hair, knitted, etc.

Oh yes! Syd is back in the States and will be home today or tomorrow. Harry Weinman has been transferred to Fort Dix and is home from Friday to Monday night on pass. It's getting to be like old times with some of the boys home! Phil, I don't know whether it's hope, or just because I want it to happen so much, but I feel that I will see you soon. Perhaps you won't stay here, but I do feel that I will see you soon. 
It's really the first time that I had such a feeling and I hope that I'm right. It's not often that I feel this way. I won't be disappointed if I don't, but I feel, almost certainly, that I will!

I shall be a very happy girl when the last week of May in over. I dislike the prospect of spending three nights of a week in a doctor's office, especially when I know that the needle may cause ill effects. 
Adele has been eating nicely and looking well and I hate to think that I shall have to cause her further hardship. Oh well, it will all be over in a week.

I'm still at work and will visit Ruth at Lerner's before going home, to see if I can buy myself some cotton dresses. 
It's a lucky thing for me that the weather is cool, or I'd be without anything to wear to work. Since I do not have much to say and want to get a letter off today, I shall post this when I leave work. If I did receive mail, I will answer it tomorrow.

I forgot to tell you that yesterday was the 24th anniversary of my folks. Next year we'll have to have a party to commemorate?? the occasion. I love you so much, baby, 
and wish that I could give expression to that love by actual demonstration.

Your Eve