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Post #592 - February 28, 1945 I Wanted You to have These Pictures as a Birthday Gift

Feb. 28, 1945

Dearest Daddy,

Here they are - the pictures you asked for. Ere you judge too strongly at first, let me remind you that they are only proofs, as the circular indicates. At first glance I was mildly disappointed, but upon looking at them many times I've come to the conclusion that they are pretty good. I don't think they flatter her in the least. They tend to make her look a little chubby, as most pictures do and that is why they do not flatter her. I don't care too much for the full length shot. Everyone, including yours very lovingly adore the sitting pose. I'm sure you didn't overlook the blur of her arm, but I feel certain they will fix it up in the final shot. I'm entitled to an 8x10 painted picture and I'm going to have the sitting pose made up. I don't intend to make up another shot except the one you want, cause Lorstan is much too expensive to suit me. I would like to have three 5x7 shots made up of the sitting pose, if that is the one you want. Undoubtedly you'll want your picture colored - right?

I wanted you to have these pictures as a birthday gift, but they probably won't reach you until after that day. In any case I'm sure they will be welcome. I expected the other picture of Adele (the one of her writing on the blackboard) but it didn't come today. It should be here tomorrow or the next day. When it does come, Ed has another package all made up for you and we'll put the picture right in the package, and sent both right off.

As if this weren't enough - I received three nice letters from you today those of 8, 9, 10/Feb., all of which were short and require no comment, except for one: Where do you get such ideas like "filling out forms"? So that's what's in that good-looking head of yours! Well, baby, I can’t say that I blame you under the circumstances - some day.

You were very sweet in every letter, honey, and your honeyed words lift my spirits no end. I want so much to love you -

The weatherman gave us a break today - with plenty more rain. It was miserable all day long, but I didn't mind. I got into work bright and early and cleaned up every single scrap of work I could find. I note that I'm making many typographical errors and it's due to the fact that I'm very sleepy. Pardon, please.

In my v-mail yesterday, I said I intended to go the Rockland with Eddie to see "Frenchman's Creek". It was playing at the Logan and that's where Ed and I went. The picture was written by Daphne DuMurier(?) and starred Joan Fontaine and Arturo DeCordova. Joan Fontaine was absolutely stunning and Arturo De Cordova is very manly and good-looking. The picture was in technicolor and was very entertaining. I think you would enjoy it and I would suggest that you see it if it plays at the base theatre,

I got to bed at 1 A.M. and was up at 7:30. I felt fine all day, but I'm so "seepy" now that I can't hold my head up. Incidentally, we had two letters from Seymour today, telling us that he was at Iwo Jima, that he saw plenty of action and that he cannot tell us anything more, except that he's darn happy that they got through, for it was a close call.

I did the same thing this evening that I did last night. I put Adele right to bed when I got home. It seems to be working, but I'm hoping it will hold for a little while. And now, baby, I'm going straight to bed. Wish very much that you were going with me! I adore you, baby mine, and will sign off with a hug and kiss.

Your Eve