Saturday, September 3, 2022

Post #601 - March 11, 1945 Everything I Did Seemed to Go Wrong


11 March 1945

My Darling,

No mail again today, and it was such a typically routine day, that I hardly know what to write about tonight—suppose I start with the weather (maybe I’ll think of something in the meantime—). Well, there wasn’t much sun, but it wasn’t raining either, which in itself makes it a nice day (for these parts). The biting frost has disappeared, and it appears that Spring is creeping in on us. I don’t know why it has to creep—God knows, it will be welcome enough! It was a bad day for me, though, as far as my work was concerned. Everything I did seemed to go wrong, and I was as nervous as a cat by the end of the day.—Tired, too! So much so, that I lay down on a bunk to relax right after I left the Orderly Room. But I didn’t rest long, ’cause Klein wanted me to go to the movies with him, and because I can relax there as well, or better, than any other place, I went along with him—even tho’ I knew the picture was a stinkeroo. It was “One Body too Many” with Jean Parker, Jack Haley, and a mediocre cast. It was a mystery that exaggerated all the movie tricks in an attempt to make it funny, and it did have its moments, but they were too few and far between to compensate for the long dull intervals. The Snack Bar was too crowded to warrant sweating out the queue (“line” to you, Sweet), so we came right back to the company area. I started this right after I reached my hut, and I’ll be relieved when I get to the bottom of the page, ’cause for some unaccountable reason, I’m unusually weary this evening, and can hardly wait to turn in. Gee, baby, if I only had you to snuggle up to tonight—! Reminds me of those evenings when, during the process of readying ourselves for bed, we felt too weary for anything, and tacitly agreed on “nothing” (“not tonight”) but somehow always would up with “something,” and I do mean sumpin’! G’night, honey. I love you.

Your Phil