Friday, September 2, 2022

Post #600 - March 10, 1945 We May Well Be Seeing the Final Phase of the War in Europe


10 March 1945

Evie, Dearest,

There was no mail for me again today, and because I am still trying to catch up with my work, and have very little time for relaxation, I find it more expedient to use V-mail. I hope, Sweet, that the brevity of my letters this past week is compensated for by their speed in reaching you. Last night, I told you that I was going to see “Arsenic and Old Lace.” Well, Chippie, I wasn’t one whit disappointed. It is a very clever sort of film. The humor has a  universal appeal, and the acting leaves nothing to be desired. It is very entertaining, and I enjoyed it hugely. I know you would, too, honey, so don’t pass it up if you can possibly get to see it. The concert at the Aero Club was all but over when Klein and I got there, but we did get to hear the tail end of it. At that, I think the instruments employed were more interesting than the music. The trio consisted of a harpsichord, a cello, and a seven-stringed violin of ancient vintage and beautiful workmanship. It was a very full day, and I was thankful for my bunk at the end of it.

Today, (another busy one), brought the exciting news that our bridge head across the Rhine is being rapidly exploited, and that the jerry is becoming more and more disorganized, and is surrendering in increasingly large numbers. We may well be seeing the final phase of the war in Europe, honey, and the prospects for an early end of hostilities grow brighter daily. I can well imagine what you are feeling these days, my darling, and I pray that your fondest hopes will soon find fulfillment.

I haven’t forgotten that gift of yours that Bert has wrapped and is holding for me. I expect to be able to get into town on the 14th to see the Woolfs; in which case I will surely mail it off to you on the 15th. Sorry I couldn’t mail it any sooner, darling.

Give my love to Adele. Love to all. I adore you, sweet Chippie. I am

Your Phil