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Post #637 - April 25, 1945 I’m Certain, Baby, that VE Day is Very Close and That We will See Each Other in the Very Near Future and Seems Like We're Privileged Characters These Days and A Letter from Milt Brown


April 25,1945

Dearest One,

Did not get the opportunity to write last night. It was the first opportunity I had to read your 22 page manuscript to Mom and when I finished it was 12 o'clock. My dad and I had to ride home via the el and 
bus last night and got home rather late. After a delicious dinner of chopped herring and blintzes I brought Adele home and put her to bed. She had a slight  fever most of the day and it was gone this morning. I can scarcely wait until next week, so I'll not have to be bothered with the injections. Adele has lost her appetite and is losing weight too rapidly. She doesn't look well at all and regardless of what the doctor may say I quit after next Monday. I shall have to go back to him in a month for the Dick test to see whether or not Adele is immune. Once she is on her feet again and eating better I shall make an appointment with Dr. Lefkoe. Adele doesn't need shoes immediately, but she will need them soon. I don't want to tire her out too much after the injections by dragging her all over town for shoes.

I started on this at work and am continuing at home. There was no mail from you today, but there was a nice letter from Milt (dated April 20th) with a snap enclosed. How's that for mail service? Imagine getting mail from the Pacific only five days old!

This is it - the big day our beloved President couldn't live to see! It's a pity. Let us hope the conference turns out to be all that he would have wanted it to be.

We've been having cool weather and have had to use the heat continually. It poured buckets all day today, regular April weather. Adele was fine this evening and had no fever at all. She ate next to nothing and is practically existing on a liquid diet.

I had a busy day at work and the time flew quickly. Sometimes when I look at the calendar and see that May is almost here, it seems like a dream. May 2nd will be 11 months that I have been working for Bellet. I never thought, when I took the job, that I would work for him that long. I shall be most grateful when the war is over and you come back to take up your rightful responsibilities as husband and father. That day can't come too quickly for me. Some day when we've been able to sit down and talk about what we went through you'll understand more clearly why I said some of the things I have said that have cut so deeply. Perhaps then you will realize, as I have learned from bitter experience, why it is so important for us to be financially stable. I’m certain, baby, that VE day is very close and that we will see each other in the very near future. If it weren't for that -

Good night for now, my dearly beloved, I love you so very much that it hurts. Dot tells me that Snuff's hand is bothering him again.

Your Eve

25 April 1945

My Darling

Nothing out of the ordinary happened to me today. I was up at 7:30, and at work by 8 o'clock. At ten, we knocked off for a fifteen minute break and cupsa coffee. At twelve noon we all piled into the truck that took us to the mess-hall. There, at the price of some good natured bitching by the guys who were compelled to wait, we "bucked" the line. Seems like we're privileged characters these days. By 12:30 we had finished eating, and the waiting truck was filling up by ones and twos. At 12:45, we continued where we had left off. At 3:00, time out again for bottlesa "cokes". We finished at 4:45, when I hopped on my bike and rode back to the barracks. Klein had picked up my mail for me (your V-mail of 17 Apr), and handed it to me when I came in. This one told about the ill effects the punkin experienced after her latest shot, and a closely detailed account of your and Adele’s routine in the morning which, you may be sure, conjured up some very appealing images in my mind's eye! When I came to the part about you two Chippies taking a nap together, and you said "wish we could make it a threesome,” I got goose-pimply at the mere thought of it. Hell, Chippie, don't you realize that if you indulge me that way I'll just never get out of the bed? Frankly, I can't even imagine what could possibly induce me to leave such a delightful place at all, a-tall (unless it might be a little forceful persuasion delivered in the right spot by your perfectly beautiful right foot and leg.) But you wouldn’t do that, would yuh, honey, huh?

Now see what you went and done - you got me all excited and I couldn’t say anything rational now - even if I did have the space! I do love you - so much, my darling. A kiss for Adele from

Your Phil

April 25, 1945

Dear Evelyn:

Just came back from the movies, & don’t feel sleepy yet, so I’m dropping you a few lines. I’m feeling fine, & hope this letter finds you all the same. Today is the day for that big three meeting on the west coast, & also my birthday, so here’s hoping we hear some good news from that meeting. Got back my pictures last night, so enclosed you will find same. Some of them did not turn out good, but the ones that did, I sure have a job dividing them out. Please excuse the pencil writing as my pen is where I can’t get to it for the present time. How’s everyone getting along, and what’s new. Evelyn you know sometimes we don’t get a chance to write as much as we liked to, but I guess it just can’t be helped. I’m sure you understand what I’m trying to say. I’ll write you again the first chance I get. Give my regards to all.