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Post #366 - May 14, 1944 First Flowers and Now Cablegrams


May 14, 1944

Beloved Phil, 

First, and before anything, considered yourself soundly hugged and kissed. How can we tell you just how surprised we all were. I was, tremendously! I simply did not expect it of you - the surprise I mean, and I love it! Mom was equally surprised, saying that you never was that way, meaning so sentimental. You "hit home" in each case and it was a great thrill for each of us. The flowers are lovely, beyond words, and I wish very much that you could see our living room at this very moment. It smells and looks, beautiful, as you have always pictured it. My bouquet, which consists of pink roses (6) and pink carnations (8) and lots of fern is in the frosted glass vase and is standing on the end table near the sofa. The living room set covers are off and the color combination of the blue-green sofa, pale gray wall, dark table and pinkness of the flowers gives an eye-filling effect. Mom’s bouquet is in an orange vase and stands on the table leading up the staircase. I don't know the names of the flowers contained therein, but the colors are white, yellow, purple, rose-colored tulips and purple and orange-like iris. It's gorgeous and I can't stop gazing. Your picture stands beside my bouquet, honey, and you are very close. 

My bouquet arrived at 7:45 this morning. My mom’s arrived simultaneously. Mom's didn't come til about 11.

Gosh, honey, I'm "all full up" and overflowing. My mom is excited as a ten year old and is showing everyone the bouquet she received from her "wonderful son-in-law." (she says "son"). 

I'm wearing a white blouse and my aqua pinafore, which is so tight I must let it out somewhere or discard it. Sarah combed the bottom of my hair into a lovely page-boy and Petey made two snaps of me (alone) in that outfit. (Adele was sleeping at the time). 

I should have posed with the flowers and didn't think of it til Petey left. I'll have him make up several if he can come over tomorrow. 

Mom opened all her gifts late last night (when Harry and Goldie returned from Ethel's with the two dresses they bought her) in the presence of Sylvia and 

Tante Bosh. The two dresses are nice, but don't fit and will have to be exchanged. Both Moms adored the brunch coats I bought and each one fitted to perfection. Mom's has a dark blue background with large rose and white and black flowers sprinkled throughout. It has a small sports collar and is a regular sports style, with a belt that ties in back. My mom's is a deep rose background with green, white and black flowers throughout.


(A little later). Well! Well! Well! My dear hubby, I simply cannot get over you. First flowers and now cablegrams. Your words warmed me through to the very core of my heart and even brought tears to my eyes. My first look at the flowers gave me the same feeling. Thanks so much for everything, Sweet. I happened to be sitting in the easy chair at 5, baby, and I was terribly close to you. 

We had a hailstorm last night, but it failed to cool off the heat we've been having. I didn't do anything of any account today, except think of you continually.

Rae is here for dinner - brought Mom a box of candy and Adele five chocolate bars. In closing I echo your sentiments: May we reunited this day next year.

Your Eve

P.S. If this seems short, dear, forgive me - I’m overflowing with love for you and can't seem to think clearly.


I didn't think, at the time I wrote the first part of this letter, that I'd have time to write further. Just shows how mistaken one can be. I'm all by my lonesome and if you don't mind giving up a little sleep, I'd like, very much to make love to you and give you a few more details of this most wonderful day, and last night. 

Tante and Sylvia stayed til after 11. We had tea and cake (Sylvia brought the cake) and talked as is the case around the table. Milt wrote Syl of his feelings for her, so I guess that's "it". 

I was very weary last night, after a rather trying day, and could bearly keep my eyes open. You can understand, then, why I awoke at about 6:45 feeling as if I had forgotten to go to bed. I was in the process of dressing Adele, having dressed myself, when the door bell rang and young fellow yelled “Flowers!" I put Adele into the crib and ran i down to see what it was all about to find your lovely flowers. My mother called immediately, asking if I had received flowers since she had just received "a gorgeous bouquet". After placing the flowers in the vase, I fed Adele, had breakfast myself, cleaned our room, mopped and swept the rugs in living and dining rooms; about this time Mom's bouquet arrived and I busied myself with the arrangement of the flowers.

My dad was going to 11th St. to do some shopping and took Adele off my hands for a short while. In that short while I showered, washed and set my hair and washed some clothes. By then it was time for Adele's lunch, which consisted of lamb chop and peas and carrots, junket and a glass of milk. While she was napping I dressed and fixed and Petey made those two snaps I mentioned earlier. I sat on the bench in the front of the house and told him to be sure to include my "legs", dearest, for your benefit. He had to leave early (to visit his mother) and could not stay long enough to snap Adele. He promised to do so some time this week. 

When Adele awoke I dressed her in pink from head to toe (the dress she wore in the C. P. proofs), gave her some milk, and walked with her over to 4920 to see my mom's bouquet. We talked about this and that. Ruth gave my mother stockings and cash. I don't know what the others gave her and forgot to ask. A long time ago I asked my Dad to buy me two packages of chocolate chips so that I could bake you some choc-chip cookies and he finally got them for me. I can't use our oven,'cause the door does not shut, so I'll have to use my mother's some day when she's not too busy around it. I’ll let you know when I bake them, and it may not be for a while yet. 

Rae came over about 4 and Adele became friendly instantaneously. Adele climbs up and down the sofa, alone. She called Rae “Ra". She was playing with a small unnecessary paper book, which she tucks under her arms and makes believe she is going to go "bye-bye”. She runs from one room to another, picking up any dirt that chances to catch her eye and getting into most everything. She's a little devil at times! You know, dear, I believe she has a tendency towards being left-handed. She usually reaches for things with her left hand and I try hard to discourage it, by making her take things with her right, or staying on the right side of her, so that it makes it most logical for her to use the hand nearest me.

I did want to write on and on about my ever-growing love for you, dear Phil, but there isn't room and I'm so o o sleepy. Move over for

Your Eve 

P.S. (Jr.) Gloria called from N. Y. She will stop here next week enroute to Washington along with Sam, Anne, Freda and Morris. Her sister Lil had another 

boy last week. (Remember her?)