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Post #545 January 7, 1945 Yale and Shirley are Expecting the Stork in July


Jan. 7, 1945 

My Sweet,

This morning, immediately upon arising, I noted a heavy snow over all. Adele got all excited and said, "Mommy don't forget to put my yoshes on". She got me up early and I accomplished quite a bit this morning. I cleaned our room and straightened every drawer, taking out those belongings of Adele's that have become too small. After lunch I had to go to Mr. First's to do some typing for him and I shovelled the front enough to make a path. By the time I got back, Adele was up, so I dressed her, brought her down and started this.

Here's some news: Yale and Shirley are expecting the stork in July. I was kidding Jack S. in the last letter I wrote to him and said perhaps we’d give him a run for his money when it came to having a little boy. (and whatever you do - don't get any ideas). Who knows??????????

I did some shopping yesterday after work and bought myself two pairs of gloves - a pair of white fabric gloves for dress that cost $3 and a pair of copper colored gloves to match my bag and oxfords that cost $2.25. When I got home I found that the white gloves were damaged, so I will have to return them tomorrow,

(Goldie and Mom are after Adele, making her say that she wants "a baby broder") and I can't help laughing. Tain't funny, McGee.

Well, honey, next week in this time I’ll be in New York. I may not get the opportunity to write while I'm there, so if there is a slight holdup in my mail you’ll understand why. I am going to catch a one or two o'clock train after work on Saturday (I want to collect my pay before I go) and expect to catch an 11 o’clock train on Monday morning, and go straight to work. I don't want to lose the extra day, for I don't feel that I'll accomplish anything much or be able to do anything much on Monday. I may stay all day Monday, but that remains to be seen. I know one thing - I shall enjoy being able to sleep to whatever hour I choose (I hope). I wonder if I'll ever be able to sleep to whatever hour I choose?!

Today I am wearing an aqua sloppy joe sweater that Ruth loaned me, but I don't think you'd particularly like me in a sloppy joe. I am also wearing my brown slacks. I like to lounge??? in slacks on my day off?????

I really intended to write a "longie" today, but, somehow, I just can't think of enough to say, so I decided to do this instead. Well, baby mine, it will soon be 18 months since I've seen you and God only knows how much longer we will have to wait. Syd Brown is unattached at the present, so I guess he’ll be home most any day now. In closing, let me tell you once more, darling, that I love you very, very much and I want you so much! Adele calls you “Daddy Philip" and sends her love, a hug and many kisses. She's so darn cuddly that you'd just about eat her up. I shall positively have her picture made when I return from N.Y.

Your Eve