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Post #444 - August 25, 26, 1944 God What I Wouldn’t Give to See This God Damn War Over Soon


Aug. 25, 1944

My Sweet,

My letter tonight brings bad news. Eddie is in a hospital in England having been wounded. I suppose we should thank God he's alive, but his letter is so terribly vague and we have no idea of the extent of his injuries. He sounds terribly heavy of heart and it frightens me. He never does say much, and leaves entirely too much to the imagination. Undoubtedly we'll receive a telegram from the War Dept. I wonder if it is possible for you to look him up or to find out what his injuries are? Please write to him - perhaps he'll be able to disclose more to you. His address is: Cpl. E.P. 33732822, Detachment of Patients, 4174 U. S. Army Hospital Plant, APO 121, New York, N.Y.

I'm going down to see Lil tonight as I must get the slip I bought her and exchange it and this is the only opportunity I will have to see her. I also spoke to Dot and everything is okay with her. Do you know, sweet, that she received an allotment check today! If that is the case I think the gov’t owes me some money, which I intend to claim. I'll tell you all about it when I have all the details clear. It isn't more than $18 so don't get excited.

I just called Lil to tell her I'll soon be leaving and she told me that she was talking to a man who works for the Bulletin and that he said something big is due to break tonight, something big for headlines, such as another Invasion (more of the real thing this time) and I sure do hope she's right. God what I wouldn't give to see this god damn war over soon.

I'm sorry I must cut this short, honey, but I'm sure you'll understand. I'd like nothing better than to have you close by at this moment, honey, cause I feel that I could use some comforting words, and stuff. Mike just this moment called to confirm my invite and I've promised to go out there on Sunday.

I'm working for Miss Hahn for four hours tomorrow morning to help her out of another predicament, but more then. I love you so much, my dearest, darlingest Phil and I'm giving you the biggest hug and longest kiss you ever got right at this very moment. Now, how did you like that! Don't forget to tell me how you liked it. Baby, I almost hate to go away, but I must. I adore you, sweet!

Your Eve

Aug. 26, 1944 

Dearest Mine,

This letter shall have to suffice for both Aug. 26 and 27 as I did not have the opportunity to get past the salutation last night. It is now shortly before 12 on Aug. 27th and I'm just getting around to writing. Last night I pressed and knitted, as I am anxious to finish Adele's white sweater. We are having regular fall weather and she needs some warm things. I have the back and fronts of the sweater together and even managed to put the edges where I make buttonholes on. Now all I have to do to finish the sweater is makes the sleeves and sew the buttons on. It fits her beautifully, what there is of it.

Dot called last night to inform me that Snuff was in on a 24 hour pass. Yesterday I worked for Miss Hahn from 9:15 to 1:15 and then went to Broad St, with Adele to change Lil's slip when I got back. By the way I never did tell you about my visit to Lil. There isn't much to tell, sweet, except that we gabbed and gabbed and gabbed most of the evening about everything, everyone and anything else you can think of. I didn't get home til one in morning. While on Broad St. I bought Adele a cute little pocketbook to play with and I bought myself something I had wanted for a long time - a knitting box. You know, one of those long boxes that you carry your wool in and it is quite attractive. It only cost 59¢ and I've put it to good use already. I expect to do a lot of knitting again this year, as I tried to buy Adele a nice sweater and can't get anything decent for a reasonable amount. For the price I would have to pay for one I can make her three or four, which is really something. And the bought one doesn't hold up half as well as a hand-made one.

You know, sweet, Eddie didn't say in his letter that he was wounded. He only said he was in a hospital - that's all. Perhaps he isn't wounded after all, just sick. I hope we get mail soon again to ease our minds. His letter by the way, was written about Aug. 18 or 19 and the last letter I had from you was dated Aug. 17. While out shopping yesterday. I bought a nice little rattle for Mike's baby, as Adele and I are going out to see them about three this afternoon! Gosh, but I wish you were going along with us!

In your last letter you asked me whether you should send Adele a rag doll. Honey, I don't think it is necessary, but suit yourself. She needs many other things now that the winter weather is approaching such as overalls, jerseys, underwear, sleepers, a snowsuit, a robe and some sweaters and hats. I'm sort of curious about what they charge for a doll, honey, and would like you to enlighten me. We also sell lovely dolls in our place. A rag doll would cost me about $2 and a regular doll from $2.75 up and I do mean up, for they run into the $10 and $20 if you like em that way.

I'm going up to the ration board tomorrow morning to get that shoe ration stamp for Adele, so that I might order her corrective shoes. Honestly, sweet, I'm always so darn busy I don't even have time to breathe. Time goes very quickly though and that is what I like most. I do like something better - YOU! I Love you!

Your Eve