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Post #476 - October 7, 1944 The Hardest Job I Know is Raising a Child


Oct. 7, 1944

Dearest Phil,

No mail for four days now and, as a matter of fact, I have been receiving mail on the average of once a week, which, as compared to how I received mail earlier, isn't good. Gosh, honey, I sure am let down when day after day passes sans mail!

I've been meaning to ask this question for a while, but always seemed to forget It once I started to write. You never told me why Bert Woolf isn't in the Army. Is he a 4-F?

The weather took a decided change today and which resulted in a regular summer day. It was so warm that Adele was out in only light weight overalls and a short-sleeved jersey. Adele likes to go to "bo ad seet" (Broad St.) to see the choo-choo trains (you know, the ones that run on the Reading Line above Lindley Ave.) Adele tells me to “hurry up” when she wishes to go somewhere. She is getting into another practice - that of not napping the usual two hours in the afternoon - and it is a very bad habit. Phil, the hardest job I know is raising a child - God Bless her, but she wears us all out, and I do mean every one. I sometimes wonder how my mother stands her. She gets into everything and just won't stay still a minute. Boy, would you get a workout if you were home! I don't think I'd like to burden my mother with the care of Adele indefinitely, much as I would like to see us get off to a good start, and I'll be very happy when I know you are coming back to support us. If only I had some idea of when you’d be coming home - Every so often I find myself wondering what will be - just as you did about ordering that civilian suit. That's what I love about our life - it's so definite!, but undefinitely! (And I know it should be "in")

I've come this far and neglected to mention what transpired last night. The doctor says Mom’s eyes are much better than mine and that she has marvelous eyes for a person her age. She only needs glasses for reading. The doctor rated my eyes 20 - 30 and 20 - 20 with glasses. He fitted me with glasses and made me read a newspaper for about 15 minutes. When he first put the glasses on me the floor seemed to climb up the side of the wall. In a little while they became clear and I could feel how they were helping my eyes. They are a big help and I think they will do me a world of good, especially where my headaches are concerned. My glasses will be ready by next Friday.

In just eight weeks Adele will be two years. I never thought you'd be away so long. Baby, I miss you so much and I'm hoping it won't be very much longer. I love you dearly, Phil, oh I just can't seem to write any more - I want you too much. Before I start talking silly (and I wouldn't want to do that) I'll just draw you real close, give you a bear hug and kiss you and kiss you and kiss you.

Your Eve