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Post #434 - August 9, 1944 You’d be Surprised at How Few People Buy Bonds and The News from the Battle Fronts Grows Better Daily


Aug. 9, 1944


Enclosed is two money orders that total $150, for which you are to buy "us" a $100 bond (need I write out the necessities) (I'm sure you'll know how) and a $100 bond for my mother as follows:

Mrs. Anna Paller 
4920 N. 8th St. 
Phila., Pa.

The postoffice soaked me exactly 7¢ and I thought that a lot. I had preferred to get a check, but the bank advised me to send a money-order, if it was to go overseas. The bank even charges for writing out checks these days!

I hope the money reaches you in good time, honey, and that your drive will be a success. I'm not going to sell any other bonds, cause I don't find people too receptive (unless they can show off) and I'm not able to spare the time needed. You'd be surprised at how few people buy bonds, except when there is a prize or sumpin'!

Very little in the way of news. Betty and her mother went to Ft. Dix today to see her brother, who is at a hospital there. It will be the first time that they have seen him in 26 months! Gosh, but they're happy!

I wore my red and white silk print with the jacket (remember that one - everyone kinda likes it) to work today as the weather is just right - not too warm and not too cool.

I’m dashing this off before eating dinner and since I'm starved, I shall now call it quits.

I repeat, once more, that I love you, sweet, and that I'd like nothing better than to eat you for dinner.


Your Eve

9 Aug 1944 


Seems we're both getting a bit lax in the matter of our correspondence. In this past week I have only written twice. Believe me, dear, I feel as badly about it as you must. Truth is, I've been uncommonly busy in the Orderly Room during the day, and in the evening there is always something doing that I hate to pass up.

Last night, I was just plain weary, and laid down to take a nap before writing to you. I hit the sack about 7, meaning to sleep ’til 9, but the next thing I knew, it was 11:10, and Overman was shaking me awake. Night before that (Monday) there was a base-ball game, the base team playing the All-stars. After the game, I went with Sgt. Danner to see "The Uninvited" at the "Thunderbolt." It was an eerie thriller—a good one—and I enjoyed it very much. I don't recommend it for you, though, Sweet. It's much too “scary" for you. Afterwards, Napoleon, who sleeps in the bunk next to mine, and I talked far into the night about ghosts, spiritual phenomena, etc., etc. Today I was busy and I managed to get my work done in the morning, so that I could attend the matinee showing of "Four Jills in a Jeep". You should see this one, Chippie, if only to get an idea of what a Nissen Hut looks like, and the general appearance of an air base. The ones you see in the picture are pretty typical. Otherwise, there isn’t much to recommend it, although it is pretty fair entertainment. This evening is “dance night,” and I usually attend, but I figured it was high time I got a letter off to you, so I passed up the dance in favor of a shave, shower and—this. Your letter of 30 July arrived this afternoon, and you confess that it is the first one you wrote “since Friday." Seems as though you're having trouble writing daily, too, eh, Chippie? I'm not angry (I really can't afford to be!) because I know you are doing the best you can and am confident that you will continue to do so. Did I tell you I finally received Mike's letter? I got it a coupla days ago, but have not had the opportunity to answer him as yet. There was also another letter from Mickey Brown, asking me to meet him in Birmingham. That is out of the question. I did manage to get letter to Dot late one afternoon—I think it was day before yesterday. Your letter contained that snap of Barbara and Phyllis, and you can thank Lena for me, if you will, Sweet. You know, you never did send me their new address, I've wanted to write to them on a number of occasions, but never had the address. I think the kids look adorable, but I still think my gal "Bub" is the prettiest of the two. Her resemblance to Bob in this picture is striking, but (and you might tell him I said this) on her it looks good. Phyllis is a cute kid, too, I'll admit gladly, but I just can't make out whom she resembles. By the way, was the snap made at Mt. Holly? On second look, the place isn't familiar, although I suspect it's in Jersey someplace. You might tell Bob and Lena I'd appreciate it if they'd write. There must be a lot of news they could tell me - if they would. I'd certainly enjoy hearing from them, and, just as certainly, I'd answer their letters promptly. In any case, Sweet, be sure to call them and tell them that it was good to see the kids again, and that I appreciate the gift of the snapshot. My impression is that they look much better than when I saw them last. My best love to all the Leibermans. Which reminds me that Richie never did get in touch with me, as he promised to do when he got to England.

Your letter today, Sweet, informed me, among other things, that the punkin is now speaking seven words at a time. (I can remember wishing on occasion that your own conversational capabilities were limited to something like that—OUCH!—I was only kiddin’, honey, honest!).

What's this "ensemble set" that you mention ordering from Goldie's folks? Anything I'd be interested in?

Well, Baby mine, as I draw close to the end of another letter, I can’t help wondering how many more I will be writing before the need for letters between us ceases to be. The news from the battle fronts grows better daily, and the papers are glowingly optimistic (sometimes in spite of the themselves). Anyhow, my thoughts are almost constantly on the indescribably longed-for event of coming home. I picture the circumstances in the minutest detail. For instance, your mention of the “ensemble set" was almost enough to make me quiver in anticipation. It made me wonder if I wouldn’t pass completely out at the feel of you in silken things again—after so long a time—(wouldn't that be somethin’?!)

And now, it's time to say good-night once again, my lovely. It'll be 11 o'clock soon, but don’t think for a moment that that's the only time I'm “with” you, darling. I adore you Ev—nothing less! A kiss and a hug for our baby, my beloved punkin, Adele. My love to all

Your own