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Post #251 - December 16, 1943 Jack N. Must Be Having a Pretty Tough Time of It in the Colorado Rockies


December 16, 1943 

My Adorable, 

Again I must apologize for not writing. Last night I was in an unusually grumpy mood. (maybe it was because I hadn't received any mail for four days) and writing just wasn't in me. Tonight, though, I'm feeling much better, thank you, due to a coupla “morale lifters”: (1) Received a $15.00 check from S & D (2) Received a letter (Vmail—Dec.1) from you (3) Saw a swell show tonight. Besides, I put in a lotta work today, and that always makes me feel good. The $15.00 will be included in your next monthly “allowance,” Baby, and I wish you'd use it to buy a new dress or two. I know you need them by now, so don't begrudge the money, Chippie. You mention a shopping trip with Fay and Ellie (my best to them, by the way), but you neglected to say what you were shopping for. Guess I'll have to wait for your next to find out. Oh well, I may as well wait—I'm not going anyplace for the next year or two (I'm only kiddin’). Did I mention receiving Jack N.’s letter along with yours? He must be having a pretty tough time of it in the Colorado Rockies. Incidentally, that long letter he asked me to write was already on the way when he wrote, so I'm still one-up on him. I'll wait for a reply to that one before I write again. I'm glad, Chippie, that you set me right on your working so steadily for Miss Hahn. I hope you don't change your mind about quitting after Christmas. I don't have to enlarge on my views in this matter, Sweet, you know them well by now. ’Nuff said? You mention the absorbing fact that Adele discovered her “belly button.” I'm surprised at your loose choice of words, dear, don't you mean her “navel”? (listen to him!) And don’t you mean she “rediscovered” her whatchamacallit? Seems to me you wrote that same sentence a long time ago—or am I dreaming? At any rate, I (whatsamatter with me tonight?) bet she's as funny as a barrel o’ monkeys when she squeals her delight at her great “discovery.” (I can see her very plainly, Sweet, never fear.) That doesn't make me any less anxious to see her latest pictures, though. C’mon Xmas! I think they should be here by then. The USO show tonight was the usual very entertaining blend of music, comedy, dancing and singing. There were three girls in the show, all taller than average and all pretty. The MC, as usual, was the hub of the show, he monopolized the stage most of the time, but he was funny—and went over big with the GIs. Received the first letter from Red this afternoon. He’s still in hospital. He sends his best to you and asks after the punkin’. 

As for me, I'm sending you all the love that's in me (and believe me it's more than considerable) and my fondest thoughts are reserved for the cherub. Keep well, and happy, my Angels. My love to Mom, all the Pallers, all the Strongins and all the neighbors. My deepest sympathy to the Frommers in their adversity. Tell “Pop” to get well quick. Cheerio, my Sweet.

Your Phil