Saturday, January 23, 2021

Post #268 - January 13, 1944 Ruth Taught Adele to Salute


January 13, 1944 

Sweet Phil, 

I know from your Jan. 4th, 1944, V-mail that you are now on furlough. I shall expect an exciting longie which you have no doubt started by now. Gosh, how I wish I could share it with you personally! Have a good time, baby! 

Adele has a few new tricks. She rolls on the floor like a puppy and kicks her feet and shouts with glee. She makes “um-good” by rubbing her chest in a circular motion with the palm of her hand. She sways to slow music and sort of bounces to jive. She also changes her weight from one foot to another in a sort of dance. Ruth taught her to salute. I'll drop my hanky and she'll pick it up for me. Rae is here for dinner and brought Adele an all-day lemon sucker. I’ve asked Rae to get me a box of chocolates and a box of chocolate straws and will mail it off with the hankies as soon as I get it. Adele had a grand time with the taffy, but when things began to get “stuck up,” I put it away. It would take me a week to tell you every little thing Adele does. Sorry your luck was bad again. Hope you'll be able to send some of your spares?? along in the near future. And now—what else?—of course!—I love you. 

Your Eve