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Post #674 - June 20, 1945 Now That I've Been “Alerted” for a Move, I'm Kinda Tapering Off Work

20 June 1945

Darling Evie,

Just got back from the movies, where I saw that oldie "Roaring Twenties" with Cagney, Bogart, P. Lane, G. George, Frank McHugh, etc., etc. I didn't see it before so I rather enjoyed it.

I didn't do much of anything today. You see, Sweet, now that I've been “alerted” for a move, I'm kinda tapering off work. I spent most of the day going through the accumulation of junk in my barracks bags and locker, discarding stuff I no longer have use for and packing the things I want to take with me. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't have gone in to work at all if the First Sergeant hadn't come looking for me in the afternoon. There were some locator cards on the new arrivals he wanted me to type. I worked on them about an hour, and when I finished, returned to barracks and resumed my packing. I'm just about set to go now, but the orders haven't come down yet, so I guess I won't be leaving ’til the week-end.

Incidentally, while going through my locker, I ran across those studio pictures of Eddie's that he gave me a long time ago to send home for him. I was really surprised ’cause I was under the impression I had mailed them long since. I'll do so within the next coupla days. Forgot to mention yesterday that I included all the framed pictures of yourself and the punkin in the two packages of correspondence I sent home yesterday. I was afraid I'd ruin them if I jammed them into my barracks bags. However, I still have a few large (5x7) pictures of Adele and all the snapshots you ever sent. These I'll hold on to until~

(Just listened to "Tico-Tico" on the radio played by Ethel Smith on the organ. I just love that number!)

Your V-mail of 14 June arrived this afternoon, but it contained little more than your routine activities for the day.

Well, honey, that just about brings me up to date. I would like to fill the rest of this page with talk about when I expect to be home, what we'll do when I do come back, etc., etc. Unfortunately, I have no concrete information as to what the immediate future holds for me, so I am unable to tell you what to expect. We can only continue to hope that things will break our way - for a change. One thing I am very sure of ~ whatever happens in the next few months can have no bearing on that eventual and inevitable happy ending for us. At the very worst, I will be shipped directly to the Pacific Theater, but I can't conceive that I'll be there more than a year, even if the japs aren't licked by then. I know that the prospect of my having to sweat out another year in the Army overseas must be appalling to you, Sweet, as it is to me, but we must constantly keep in mind that whatever I am called on to do, or wherever I am asked to go, it is none of our choice. Nor is it within our province to change, so the sensible thing to do is to accept whatever comes with the best grace possible. Remember, too, honey, that at this stage of the game, when everything is in a state of flux, anything can happen. For instance, I may wind up in the Air Force of Occupation in Germany. There has been some talk in WD circles about allowing married men in the AFOO to bring their families over. I understand that the facilities at the Air Bases are superb, that there are swimming pools, tennis courts and such, and very comfortable quarters. Southwest Germany (near Munich) is beautiful country, too, with excellent weather. I never thought I'd consider bringing you and the punkin over, but under suitable conditions, and if you were willing, I might just be weak enough to be talked into it.

But what's the sense of guessing and wondering, we'll soon know what's to be, so let's be patient yet a while longer, huh, Chippie?. My best love to Adele. Keep punchin’, darling, - for me, will you? You know I adore you, and that I will never despair for anything as long as I am

Your Phil