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Post #498 - October 31, 1944 Fay and I Changed Our Minds and Stopped at the Candy Store at 8th and Ruscomb Sts. Where I had a Big Luscious Sundae


Oct. 31, 1944

Dearest Phil,

I am writing this v-mail on the morning of Nov. 1, shortly before leaving for work. I wasn't in a good mood last night and decided to go to a movie though it was rather late. I called Fay and Anne and they agreed to go along, as both were anxious to take in a movie.

As soon as I finished getting Adele to bed, which was about 9 o'clock, we left and headed for the Logan where "Summer Storm" is playing, with George Saunders, Linda Darnell and Edward Everett Horton. It was a "different" picture and had plenty of "zip". When I left the theatre, I found I had acquired a violent dislike for George Saunders, I've always enjoyed his performances, but somehow, and although this performance was just as excellent as his previous ones, I found myself disliking him more with every minute. Perhaps it was the character he portrayed, for he was weak physically as well as mentally (instead of physically, I should have said sexually). If you do have the opportunity to see it, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

There was no mail yesterday, except a $15 check for Diana (from one of Goldie's rich cousins) as a belated gift. I was very busy at work yesterday as the first of the month always means statements, and statements always mean lots of work. The day passed quickly and I'm always thankful for that.

After Fay and I dropped Anne at her place and although we had decided it was too late to eat ice-cream (it was 12) Fay and I changed our minds and stopped at the candy store at 8th and Ruscomb Sts., where I had a big luscious sundae just bathed in oodles of whipped cream. I thought about you all evening and wished very much that you could share the sundae with me. It was almost one when I got to bed, and even though Adele woke me twice during the night I had no difficulty whatever getting up this morning. No doubt I'll feel it later in the day, but I intend to get to bed early this evening to make up for it,

It is exactly four weeks to Adele's birthday and I don't think I'm going to make any sort of a party. Don't quote me on it, for I may have a change of mind at the last minute.

Mr. Bellet informed me that he expects an order of 12 strollers of the type I wish to buy and they should be in shortly. My mother and dad do not have to appear in court on Thurs. after all, as the family "may" have an agreement quietly, though I doubt it - extremely. I wanted to start Adele's scarlet fever injections, but I want to wait until my mother isn't so taken up. It's hard to take days off near Xmas, as we're very busy and he is depending on me, considering the hours I do put in. Jessie is a big help as I'm not there in the morning to do the bills and she can fill in on my job for the hours I can't be there. I'll write again this evening - if there is mail. So long for now, baby, I love you so very much!

Your Eve