Thursday, January 5, 2023

Post #690 - August 27, 1945 I Signed My Discharge This Evening


Wednesday, Aug. 27, [1945]
8 P.M.

My Sweet,

This letter is destined to make you very, very happy, For in it you will learn that I signed my discharge this evening. I was called into the Orderly Room about 6 P.M. and told to sign the precious paper. That, my dear, is what I call a "labor of love." All that remains now is for it to be signed up at Division H.Q. where it is being sent tonite. I anticipate no drawback from that source, and I should be a completely happy man very shortly. Maybe within two weeks. How do you like those apples, Baby? I'm writing with Sam's pen and it’s no damn good. But nothing phases me now, and I'll write if I have to squeeze the ink out. Glad to hear you are all well even if money is scarce. That can be remedied - and will be. I just got paid $16.00. They took $2.00 off for laundry and $3.00 for the few days remaining in August, which we'll get next pay. I'm sending $14 with Sam. You'll probably get it before you read this. Pay Mom what you owe her and buy yourself a new car with the rest. Seriously though, honey, I'm sorry it couldn't be more - but I really couldn't spare any more. After I paid a few petty debts which amounted to 60¢ I only have $1.50 left. I'll stretch it as far as I can, hoping I run out of here before I run out of money. Sorry to hear Yale got such a rotten break, but I rather expected something of the sort. We Strongins aren't any too lucky. The weather here is wonderful. Sunny, cool, and breezy - an  ideal combination. The work today wasn't too hard, either. Outside of the preceding, I have no news to divulge, so I'll  just say good night ’til tomorrow. My love to all, of course. And to you, my lovely, pleasant dreams - and may I be included in them, for I love you dearly.

Your constant beau-friend

P.S. This was my last stamp.