Friday, February 26, 2021

Post #298 - February 17, 1944 I Got a Big Kick Out of the Crack the Fellows Made “What the Hell You Writin’—a Book?”


February 17, 1944 

Dearest Phil, 

I found a few more sheets of green—so we’re back to green. I suspected that you hadn’t written on Feb. 4 and 5 when I failed to receive mail for a few days. Today, sweet, you more than made up for it. Your longie letters of Feb. 6 and 9 and v-mail of Feb. 8 were in this morning's mail and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. My cold isn't much better. Adele's is greatly improved. I had her in bed this morning and when your letters came, I went upstairs, lay down on the bed—and read and read and read. Uh huh. You and Ed have (I hope) met today and how I wish I could be with you! I've dreamt about it millions of times. I've even thought of joining a Red Cross show or sumpin’ to get “over there” —if it were only possible! Your comments on the “commy’s” theories did make me proud and I got a laugh out of it, too. I kinda thought any luxury items would run extremely high in England with reference to the zircons. Which reminds me, Uncle Nish told me not to buy any sort of jewelry for Adele, as it runs too high at present, so I banked the $5. I can understand, from your detailed explanation, why you didn't particularly care for “Phantom of the Opera.” You ask if I'm willing to be “educated” by you so that I may appreciate and like symphony as you do. I'd like to know when I wasn't willing. I doubt, though, if I'll ever be able to fully appreciate “flawlessness of performance” unless I learn to read and play music, which I should like to do someday. I do like and appreciate symphony, and have, since I became acquainted with you, sweet. I'm glad the package finally reached you. You asked, recently, that I could send you underwear. What type and what size? Shorts or jocks? What type of overseas cap do you want—OD or summer? I got a big kick out of the crack the fellows made, “What the hell you writin’—a book?” Don't ask me why, I just did. No comment on the v-mail, except the fact that, as I said before, you shouldn't have left yourself so low on funds. 

Rae surprised me by coming here directly from work with the candy. I'll be able to mail off the package shortly. I now have the chocolates, box of Chiclets (Ruth’s birthday gift to you) and a box of Bond’s butter (Mom paid for that) cookies, which are delicacies. I'll get some halvah and hankies and wait til you send me another request for underwear and the cap. 

Yale, Shirley, Lena and a friend visited us this afternoon. Both Yale and Shirley look well. They were telling us that they are 180 miles from nowhere and pay $40 a month for a room and bath that has a gas oven in the center of each room for heat. Regular pioneers. Shirley hates it. 

I didn't go to the doctor this morning as I did not feel up to it. I've been wanting to take Adele, but another few days or a week won't make any difference. 

I've been advised not to send halvah as it will spoil, especially if not properly packed. I'll get some other goodies to fill the package. I hope to mail off the package tomorrow. Guess that just about finishes me off for today, baby, not, however, til I've drawn you close, hugged you tightly, kissed you oh so tenderly, and whispered in your ear “I adore you, Phil”— sigh.

Your Eve