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Post #591 - February 27, 1945 Another Day has Passed - One Day Closer to Our Reunion - and What a Day that will Be!


Feb. 27, 1945

Dearest Darling,

After hitting such a large jackpot of nine letters yesterday, how can I expect mail the day after, so I wasn't disappointed when no mail showed up today. I'm still due for several letters and I’m sure I'll have to sweat them out.

The weather was the same today as it was yesterday. It rained and hailed, but it cleared up during the latter part of the day, which it didn't do yesterday.

Did I tell you that Al is giving up his gas station in favor of going into defense, for fear he may be taken? If I didn't you know now.

I typed a long letter to you last night and got to bed by 11:30. I had a good night's rest and got to work early today. For the first time in weeks again, I'm all caught up. Tomorrow we start statements for the first of the month and undoubtedly I'll fall behind a little till they are out.

Adele reached a point where she was not napping or eating. She ate so little it amazed me, so tonight I clamped down strongly. Immediately upon arriving home I stopped at my mother’s and took her right home. Upstairs we went, after taking off our outer clothes, and Adele went right into her sleepers much against her will. A quick wash and into bed, was the order of the evening. I cleaned her shoes, washed her clothes and then came down to have dinner. I’ve finished eating, but Adele is still not sleeping. I don't care about that as long as she is resting. That kid has been up from 7:30 each morning till past nine each night and that's much too strenuous for a child her age. I shall see how this new routine works out, though I do believe it will be best in the end. At least I'll have a few hours to myself each evening.

Since it is just about five weeks since I've been to movie I’ve decided to break the ice this evening and take in a show. I think I shall go with Eddie to see "Frenchman's Creek", which is at the Rockland. Whatever the case, I'll let you know tomorrow exactly what "we" or "I" did.

I had intended to write this evening, wishing to make a full night of it, getting out early and back early. However, I feel so much better knowing that I've written that I'm trying very hard to fill this sheet, in spite of the scarcity of news,

Well, baby mine, another day has passed - one day closer to our reunion - and what a day that will be! My love grows ever stronger with the passing days and I shall be so happy to give vent to my feelings in that connection. Good night, dearest, pleasant dreams, and may they be of

Your Eve