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Post #401 - June 26, 1944 Yesterday We Had Company for Dinner—Pauline (Who Has Changed and Has Won the Admiration and Friendship of All…)


June 26, 1944

My dearest Phil,

I was sorry to have to cut yesterday's letter short, but I'm sure you would have preferred to have me take in the movie. I enjoyed "Cover Girl" with R. Hayworth and G. Kelly. Mom was a little disappointed, having expected too much. I think you saw it a long time ago. I was very tired and almost fell asleep at the movies. I didn't get to bed til 12, so I'm fairly tired again. Adele, though, slept like a little top and I slept good, if only for seven hours. One more hour would have made a lot of difference.

Today I received your letter of June 14th, the one in which you mention visiting Evelyn. I'm glad you've made friends with such nice people and that you aren't so lonely anymore. I guess you know by now that June 14th was a big day for us, too. You write so in nicely, honey, giving every detail. Sometimes I wish I could write that way, for there is so much I know I could tell you. I could, if I were able to write for a few hours, without these constant interruptions.

If ever you hear some one call "da-dee" it's Adele, for she calls you many times. I'm of the opinion that she knows you exist and is looking forward to seeing you. When I ask her if she wants daddy to come home, she gives out with a quick "yes." Ann and Tony familiarized the baby with Tony by getting him to understand that his picture and him were one and the same. I feel sure she'll know you or get to know you almost instantaneously. Come on oh happy day!

Adele says such things as dish, water, ears, eyes, chin, nose, toes, knees, in fact she knows the name of every part of her body up to her curls. I keep working on the phrase "I love you, or I love daddy or mommy" and I expect her to be able to say it most any day now. I couldn't even begin to describe the cute tricks and habits she has. Most everyone, on one occasion or another, has said that her every action and move is "cute".

Yesterday we had company for dinner - Pauline (who has changed and has won the admiration and friendship of all, even yours truly) Sam, Phil and Em. Believe it or not, Uncle Sam gave H & G a five dollar bill as a gift. That's really sumpin' for him Phil raved and raved and raved and raved about your letter. In the evening they left early and Mom and I went to the movies.

This morning Goldie's baby doctor called to see Diana. While he was here I questioned him in connection with Adele's feet. His offhand observation was that she was slightly knock-kneed due to her chubbiness and it was also causing her to walk slightly pigeon-toed. She is kind of chubby near the knees as you will note in her snaps and it's just possible that when the chubbiness disappears she will walk perfectly straight. He, however, refused to be quoted on that, saying he would rather examine her thoroughly before giving an exact opinion. He says she is definitely not bow-legged, as I first thought. He says he can take care of it if it is only that. You may wonder why I don't go right to a doctor. The only trouble is that there are very few good men about and that I may have lots of trouble getting a convenient appointment, as they are rushed to death these days. Rest assured, though, that I shall take care of it and I'm sure, in my heart, that it isn't any thing to get excited about.

Here's a bit of interesting news - Hilda and Dave were married on June 18th at the Broadwood. They had a regular formal wedding that was arranged in no time. They are on their honeymoon in the Poconos. They didn't have a chance to call anyone but the immediate family.

Remember you said that the Wolfs have a relative here in Philly by the name of Reese. Well, (and I couldn't believe it was possible) I think they are related to Shirley Anapolsky. How? Well, do you remember the night Max Reese, (Shirley's husband now) drove us down to see Hilda and Dave? Well, I think the people you mention are her husband's relatives cause she seemed familiar with the name and the antique business. She said she would call her in-laws tomorrow and let me know for sure. I called her this evening to make sure.

And now, dearly beloved, I'm going to sign off in a hurry, cause I have a splitting headache and am most anxious to get to bed. I love you dearly nevertheless and I'm sure my headache would disappear in a flash if you could only take me in your arms. I miss you so much!

Your Eve