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Post #578 - February 12, 1945 I'll Bank Any Excess Funds I May Have in “Soldiers Deposits,” Which, Incidentally, Draws 4% Interest


12 February 1945

Eve, Dearest,

Before leaving for the base theater to see "Up in Arms" with Danny Kaye, Dinah Shore and others, I want to make sure my daily stint is completed, so if I can think of anything to say (and I'm not at all sure that I can) I'll get on with it—

The weather has warmed up considerably, but not so much that we’re removing our jackets. We’re just not freezing anymore.

It was another busy day for me, ’cause I had the February payroll to get out. Last month I did it alone but this month Stahl helped me out. He typed as I dictated, and it went pretty smoothly except for the inevitable errors. Anyhow, this kept me occupied most of the day. Tomorrow, among other things, I have the “Bond Issuance Schedule” to type. That reminds me, Sweet—I cancelled my allotment for War Bonds. I figure it's about time I started to save some ready cash. As I told you some weeks ago, we have a great proportion of our savings tied up in bonds, and it’s high time we begin to build a cash reserve. I don’t think I’ll be able to save much; if anything, out of this month's pay, especially if I take that furlough I told you about yesterday, and I must leave myself a few extra pounds to tide me over the birthday, anniversary, Mother's Day, etc. You see, Sweet, if I'm to buy you and the Moms anything, I have to order two months in advance, so it's not going to be easy to manage this month. Once I get straightened out, though, I'll bank any excess funds I may have in “Soldiers Deposits,” which, incidentally, draws 4% interest. The last bond you receive should be dated 1 Jan. ’45.

There was no mail for me today, but if you have been writing as per usual I should be getting a slew of Air Mail letters any day now. In the meantime, I'm kinda stuck for things to tell you. You can understand from some of the above, honey, that I didn't get much of a chance to do anything about getting to the PX, and I can't find a box to ship the "whatsit” in. Right now, times a-wastin'—and if I mean to see "Up in Arms" tonight, I'd better get a move on. I'm rather eager to see this Danny Kaye (remember Helen’s records?), and I hear he's a wow in this.—Tell you about it tomorrow, Baby. Until then, I am

Your adoring Phil 

P.S. Best love to the punkin, and all - of course!