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Post #590 - February 26, 1945 You'd be a Lot Better Off if You'd Simply Relax and Forget about the "Fitness of Things"



Darling Baby,

I'm overjoyed! Reason? Right! Not only did I hit a jackpot today, but it was a large one, consisting of no less than 9 letters, ranging in date from Jan. 23 to Feb. 4, inclusive. They were all nice letters and I shall try to answer each one herein.

I can't understand why half of your letter of 23/ Jan. was cut away. You had seen "Marriage is a Private Affair" and it had put you in a "mood". You got to talking about "love" and "affairs" and the like and I can't for the life of me, understand why Lt. Toms saw fit to cut half of the letter away. Perhaps he thought you were nuts or something equally similar - or he didn't want me to read it - or sumpin'. What struck me funny, you started your letter with the news that Jack N. had confided to you that he had fallen in love with Marjorie. I wonder how the news that he is engaged and fully intends to marry her affected you! I'm not sure he knows his own mind, since you wonder what made him say it. There's a lot about Jack that I could write about, but I'd much rather talk to you than go into detail here. Let's just save it for "the" day, huh.

You also mentioned the news that you told me in a previously received v-mail - that Frances and Mike are expecting their second. Good for them - but it's not for me. They're nuts, in case you're wondering what I think about it.

Phil, you've got me a little worried with your strong feelings and ideals. I think, honey, that you'd be a lot better off if you'd simply relax and forget about the "fitness of things". I wish you'd learn to let yourself go and simply have a good time. To hell with what other people say and do! Now I've said it. The only time that it bothers me is when it affects me directly, otherwise - (repeat of the above). However, honey, I love you because you are you and I shall try to remember that every time I feel like changing you or your views.

In your letter of the 27/Jan. you got the news that Syd was home. You also said that you felt you might be seeing me in the summer or fall of this year. As Lil would say, "allavie". Your letter of the 28th inspires no comment whatever.

The 29th of Jan. you spent the evening "sewing" - (yes I am surprised) (but I knew you could do it all along, if only you want to - or have to). On the 30th you learned of the arrival of Marilyn Drucker (yes, another girl) and the news of Morris. By some strange coincidence, you mentioned in this letter that you'd like to have a picture of Mom, Adele and myself. Funny, I just finished writing that I intend to have such a picture made in the near future yesterday. I almost forgot to mention in yesterday's v-mail that Goldie's cousin made a snap of Mom, Rae, Adele and myself and just as soon as he sends it along to me, I'll forward it.

You were C.Q. on 1/Feb. and wrote a two page letter, but nothing it in calls for comment. I'm glad you saw "Show Business" on the 2/Feb. I saw it a long time ago with my Mom and Dad and loved it. I was particularly glad to hear that you are in the clear financially and I hope you continue to stay that way from now on. You do not mention in any of your letters whether you received a bonus from S & D and I can't help wondering about it. How's about a definite reply?

The 3 and 4/Feb. also do not inspire comment. You apologize for not writing, saying I bawled you out in some of my letters. I'm sorry I bawled you out, but that's just how I felt those long draggy weeks and I couldn't help it. I can't tell you what these nine letters have done for me and well do I know what mail means to you, sweetheart.

It isn't your fault that the mail is being held up for so long. I don't care if you don't write daily, but whatever you do, don't let several days elapse between writing. Baby, I love you so much and it means so much to me to hear from you!

Tonight is Ed's birthday and the night that the 12 o'clock curfew goes into effect. I don't think I've told you, sweet, that my mother and dad now possess 4920 clear. My mother had to put $2000 right on the line to clear it and that's exactly what she did. There is still a portion of the estate due her, but it's a much too complicated business for me to go into at this time. Now if she fixes the place up she'll really have something - something that I'd love to have someday - after I have you and we're all together, and can work and plan for it. We will!

It rained all day long and was generally miserable. I got to work early and put in a hard day. I'm very tired and I'm going right to bed. Adele has a new habit, one that Mom loves. She rests her weight on one foot while she is standing and sort of sways while she's talking on the phone.

It's a regular womanly habit, no not womanly, I should have said feminine habit. It looks like a "come on", if'n you know what I mean. Gosh but Adele is cute! I eat my heart out cause you can't see her. If there were some way I could see you - I turn that thought over in my mind whenever I get disgusted or dejected - but I always buck a brick wall.

You know honey, I haven't had the opportunity to sit down and really write you a birthday letter, much as I want to. I don't have any time at all for myself, or time to do some of the things I want so much to do. I'm not complaining, though, cause I know that day will come some time. When I think that you will be 30 it scares me a little. It will be six years that I actually know you in May, yet I've been with you so little when everything is taken into consideration. I'm always with you as far as that goes, but I'm sure you understand what I mean. I can't help wondering how much longer it will be before we can take up a normal life. So much of our lives is passing by. I know there are many years before us, sweet, but you can't help but feel that way these days. I've been with my husband and daughter so little (you, too) that I want only you two once we are reunited That, too, is largely responsible for my not wanting to have another child for some time. But I think I've gotten off the subject.

So now you're 30. I'm glad you feel so young, for it's more than I can say for myself. I feel that I've aged about 10 years in the last two. That, incidentally, only applies mentally. You once said that you're only as old as you love and that you were a mere babe in arms because of your love. True enough, but I'm sure we'd both feel a lot younger if we had the opportunity to practice loving. Phil, I'm so dependent upon you for so many things! God grant that we shall soon be together forevermore!

Gosh, baby, I owe you three birthday gifts now. If you'd only hurry up and come home! I'll be glad to pay off on more than three scores. We must be together for the 31st! How can it be any other way?

God has been good to me. He blessed me with a fine, good-looking husband and a lovely daughter and that's a lot to be thankful for. Thanks so much for being what you are, dearest, and for making me so happy. I owe you a lot. Let me say "Happy Birthday, dear husband" and may your 30th year bring all your dreams into materialization. To me you'll always be that "one and only” good-looking fellow I married on March 20th. I love you so much, Phil. I think 31 kisses would cover you very nicely and I don't think you'd mind. Yum, yum, how's about a repeat? Yeh, I know the answer, So pucker up again cause here comes

Your Eve

P. S.  Am enclosing two more pin-up girls from our latest blotters.