Sunday, December 18, 2022

Post #678 - July 5, 1945 Be Patient, Darling - It Won't Be Long Now—


5 July 1945

Dearest Darling,

Have been working day and night these past few days. Had to work late tonight, too, but I'm snatching a few moments before "lights out" to drop a few lines to you. The reason we are so busy is that higher headquarters is requiring report after report on personnel, and with over 200 men in the organization it’s one helluva job getting these reports out on the scant notice they habitually give us.

There really isn't very much to report, though, that is, as far as I'm concerned, I'm working hard and doing very little of anything else. To complete my growing feeling of boredom and general short-patience with everything, things are getting "G.I." as hell around here, and there's nothing I hate more.

The fact that I haven't had any mail from you for three days now doesn't help much, either.

You'll have to excuse me tonight, honey, but I'm really too fogged-out to think rationally, so I'll just say again that I love you very much, that you're to kiss Adele for me, and give my love to all. Be patient, darling - it won't be long now—

Your Phil

P.S. Sgt. Fox, the finance clerk is on pass, but he'll be back tomorrow, when I will send you the $30.00. Buy some more clothes, Chippie.