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Post #471 - October 2, 1944 My Brother Seymour is a Second-Class Seaman, as He Finished His Boot Training

Oct, 2, 1944

Dearest darling,

I am banging off a few words before dinner, as we are all waiting for Rae, who is to dine with us. I feel kind of knocked out this evening, for the first of the month is always a big day. I look forward to the first, cause that's when my check comes through, but now - I don't know.

I left for work a little earlier this morning, stopping off at Strawbridge and Clothier. I wanted to buy some Charles of the Ritz face powder that is now on sale. It costs $2 per box plus tax and the sale drops the price to $1. If you recall, it is the powder Dot's cousin Gladys wore the night she went out with Syd, you and myself and I complemented her for her sweet odor. A girl at the store mixes up all sorts of stuffs that makes up your shade of powder and I'm most anxious to have she mix a shade of powder for my complexion.

The girl was out to lunch when I arrived and I didn't have enough time left to wait. I'll try to get down there earlier tomorrow morning, as the sale is on all week.

My brother Seymour is a second-class seaman, as he finished his boot training. He gets $64.80 per month now.

I can't think of another solitary thing to say honey, cause I'm hungry and I've got a headache. So, I'll end off now, eat my supper and keep Rae company this evening, after I get Adele to bed.

Harry, by the way, hasn't found anything in the line of a job an talks of going to Poughkeepsie to start a business. We shall see -

In the meantime, darling, baby, I love you ever so much, more every single day. Today is four months I'm working - I never thought it would be that long. I am and always will be

Your Eve