Thursday, January 21, 2021

Post #266 - January 11, 1944 So You Met a Friend of Yale’s?


January 11, 1944 

Darling Mine,
Yours of the 22nd and 28th (Dec.) were unusually tender and sweet. They only make me love you all the more baby. I guess the sudden way in which I started off my letter about the fur coat surprised you. That's exactly how I felt and you're the only one who really knows how excited I am. That coat is a dead ringer for beaver, and most everyone thinks it is genuine beaver. I pressed all day and I'm glad I'm finished. Miss America got up at 5 this A.M. and I sure hated to get up. I put her on the toddy and then back to bed for another hour 'cause she was up much too early. She looked good today in the dress Ann gave her—the reddish one with the white collar. I've got lots of sewing to do this evening. I'm going to work for Miss Hahn from 1 to 5 tomorrow afternoon and Ruth will care for Adele. I washed my brown slack suit and gave it to the tailor to press ($0.40). So you met a friend of Yale’s? Sure is a small world. I'll send off some hankies and candy shortly. Only wish I were near to keep you warm on those freezing nights. It's very cold here, but the house is very warm. I love you 

Your Eve.