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Post #468 - September 28, 1944 Gosh, I’m Beginning to Hope I’ll See You Sometime in ’45


Sept. 28, 1944

Dearest Phil,

Received yours of Sept. 18, informing me of your change of address, or, rather, APO. Why the change after all these months? Hope it isn't a prelude to moving on. Your letter made entertaining reading and I’m glad you enjoyed yourself so much.

Last night I didn't get to bed early as I had promised myself to do. I'm terribly restless of late and want to keep on the move. I went to the Broad with my mother and dad to see "Show Business" with Eddie Cantor, G. Murphy Nancy Kelly, Constance Moore and Joan Davis. Gee, but it was a good picture! Eddie Cantor and Joan Davis are a swell combination and they can entertain me any day. We didn't get home til almost twelve and by the time I had some cake and milk and undressed it was after twelve. Adele woke me two times during the night, so I had a helluva time pulling myself out of bed this morning.

The weather was muggy all day long and broke into a rainstorm this afternoon. Churchill's speech and the latest reports on the war paint a very gloomy picture for an early end. Did you say you'd see me in ’44?? Gosh, I’m beginning to hope I'll see you sometime in ’45.

I was kept busy all day long at work and the time flew. By the way do you think the package containing the pyrex bottles will be delayed due to the change of address? I suppose some of the mail from the past few days will be held up.

I don't know what Harry has been doing all week, but tonight he was "batting” about a job on a soda-pop truck that would pay him $120 per week. He doesn't say much about anything and I was never one to ask anyone else questions

Phil, darling, I've got the blues this evening. If only I could see you for just a little while - But, then, I don't think I really want to see you at all - not until I can see you and know that you will never leave me again.Gloria and I got to talking about furloughs (when she’s as blue) etc. and, somehow, I can't see any sense to coming together and separating again. It would kill me - but good. Two times is plenty for anybody. But, then, there is the attitude that something is better than nothing. Just come home soon -

I have to sign off, cause I intend to do some washing now to keep it from accumulating and want to write a few more letters tonight to catch up on my lagging correspondence. I haven't had a chance to write to Sy and thank him for the pillow case he sent me, and mean to do so this evening.

It's funny not to have a radio in the house and I'll be glad when we get it back, which should be tomorrow. I can't think of another solitary thing to say, except "I love you Phil, dearest, and am

Your Eve