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Post #494 - October 27, 1944 I am Trying to Write This V-Mail and Listen to Pres. Roosevelt, Who is Speaking at Shibe Park This Evening


Oct. 27, 1944

Dearest Phil,

I am trying to write this v-mail and listen to Pres. Roosevelt, who is speaking at Shibe Park this evening. He toured Philly today, as part of his compaign. I wanted very much to see him, but it didn't work out. I had to take Adele to Dr. Lefkoe this evening, and just got back. Her new shoes come up to his prescription and I let her wear them home. He didn't charge for this visit and said the following: To let her wear the corrective shoes for a month. At the end of the month I should decide for myself whether or not the shoes have corrected her fault and If It seems alright to me then it is not necessary for me to visit him again. On the other hand, if I feel she could stand another pair of corrective shoes, I should call him and he will advise me further. I don't think he considers Adele's so called "fault" in walking anything whatever and merely gave me the prescription to make sure. Most of the cases I have seen while there were definitely in need of a doctor's care and made me realize just how small her "fault" is. I'm sure it will disappear in due time, especially now that she has the corrective shoes.

Today there was quite a bit of mall. There were your letters of Oct. 8 & 9 with the two snaps of you enclosed, your Sept. bond, a letter from Milt and one from Eddie Strongin. Eddie also sent along a picture of himself and he looks very well. He asked for your address and I shall send it to him. In case it is possible for you to see him, here is his address: Pfc. E. S. 33,326,173, 290th N. P. Co., APO 65, c/o P. M. New York. I liked both snaps of you, honey, and it's good to see your well-loved countenance (a two bitter) again. Sure do hope I get to see it in the flesh real soon! Your letters inspired little comment, except that if you ever let five whole days pass without writing at least a card to me, I shall not respond for double that time. I, for one, cannot see, especially when you have a few whole days to yourself. why you cannot get one measly letter off. It would have saved me a lot of aggravation, believe me, and it makes me feel very badly to think that you could go five days without writing. I don't ever remember my doing that and I certainly don't want you to do it. I hope you don't think I'm "sounding off" but honestly, sweet, please consider how I've felt all month without mail and perhaps you’ll understand my attitude. I had hoped, too, that when you had some time off you'd go to see Eddie. I've been told that you, more than anyone, can be of aid in this matter. If you could speak to the hospital authorities and advise what they have to say and whether or not Eddie could be shipped back to the States, we’d all be immensely relieved. It's almost two months since we had mail from him and we’re all most anxious to have a report from you, If it is at all possible. You said, after visiting him, that you thought your presence did him a world of good. Perhaps If Ed were shipped back to the States to a hospital where we could visit him he would recover that much more quickly. I’m happy that you had a chance for some real relaxation, for I realize how important that is these days. I wish very much that I could have been with you, but I will be one day. I love you very much, darling, and am Immensely relieved to have some late mall, if you can call it that. Perhaps there will be more tomorrow. Night -

Your Eve