Monday, January 4, 2021

Post #249 - December 12, 1943 I Was Busy All Day, and On Duty All Night


December 12, 1943 

Dearest Chippie,

Sorry I was unable to write yesterday, but time didn't permit as I was busy all day, and on duty all night. Naturally, I was off duty today, and I took full advantage of it by sleeping until 4 p.m. At 4:45 I went for my first meal of the day. That is, after I shaved and washed up. This evening there was a picture scheduled to be shown at the theater, and four of us went down to see it, but for some reason or other the operator didn't show up. After determining that there would be no show, we wandered over to the snack bar where we sat around and munched on French toast and drank “Cokes.” Tiring of this, we came back to our hut, where we built a fire and crowded around the stove for a “bull-session.” For a while the discussions waxed enthusiastic, but it's getting late now—everyone is sleepy and preparing to hit the hay. Me too— Good night for now, my lovely. A kiss for the punkin. My love to all. 

Your Phil