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Post #475 - October 6, 1944 I Wish You Could Hear Your Daughter Hold a Conversation on the Phone


Oct. 6, 1944

Dearest Hubby,

No mail from you today, but there was a long letter from Jack N. He states that he is 95% sure that he will undergo the operation on his ears in the Amy and perhaps shortly. His camp is closing (it seems like a lot of camps are closing) within 30 days and he hinted to the Col. to send him to Photography School in New York and there is a very good chance that he will get it. If this does happen he will be on government rations, quarters and most or all - he'll be in N.Y. How about that! A letter of recommendation has been forwarded and he is awaiting a reply. He is dyin' to hear from you, so if you can possibly manage it, I'd suggest that you send him a letter.

Nothing of any consequence to report. Harry is still filling out applications, the weather is still damp and I got into work a little earlier today. I had a very busy day and it flew by quickly. You ought to see the the size of some of the orders!

I caught Adele the past two nights and it saved me a lot of work. (from wetting, of course). I wish you could hear your daughter hold a conversation on the phone with my mother or Sarah. She usually starts off by saying, "Hello Nanmom, or Sarah, whatever the case may be, and tells them it is raining out, that she is playing with her books (Ruth brought her about five Mother Goose books which she thumbs through daily), that the other Nanmom is "seeping” (for sleeping) and Diana is crying (only she can't say he “c"). Her volce is clear as a bell. I keep telling her that we are going to see Daddy soon (I hope) and that he is going to play with her, kiss her, take her bye-bye and even sleep with her. Hope it's real soon, honey, for even I'm anxious to see you, just as Adele seems to be.

I'm knocking this off just before keeping my appointment with the eye doctor. Mom is going along with me to have her eyes examined and by the time we each have an examination it will be rather late. I have to bathe Adele when I get back and thought it best to get this off before leaving. Let you know the results, if any, tomorrow. I’m a little nearsighted, if anything.

I managed to fill this up, though I was extremely doubtful at first. And now, baby mine, I must run along, much as I hate to, and so I'll close with a tender kiss, a good satisfying hug, and an ocean of love. An ocean is a big thing, but I don't think it's nearly as great as the love I bear you, dearest one. I might add that mom is sending off Xmas packages to both Jack and yourself, so I doubt that you'll have a candy shortage for some time to come. Let me know if there is anything in particular that you would like to have, I haven’t sent off any packages recently, as I'm at loss for what to send. You might enllghten me, If you will - and you will. I love you baby!

Your Eve