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Post #8 - May 21, 1941 Dreams of a New Home and the Continuing Grind of Basic Training

May 21, 1941
6:45 P.M.

My dear Phil:

Well! Well! Well! Our good friends, the Nerenbergs, are the proud parents of a son. Looks very much as if we are going to have another Phil in our midst. Read the enclosed card for details. I guess we’ll have to forgive them for not writing to you.

I called Mr. DeKoven today and asked him whether “our home” will have concealed telephone wiring. It will not, unless we pay $3.00 per plug and let him know about it the early part of next week. I think it would be a good idea to have one plug put in the parlor. That’s all we need. I’ll discuss this more fully when I see you.

Mom bought me a string of pearls (ten strings, twisted) today. Remind me to tell you about it. (How I got them).

It’s been very hot & sticky these past few days and everyone seems all tuckered out. Sansom Street is simply “cluttered up” with people in the evening. Sort of reminds me of the Bronx. It’s as noisy as hell & twice as smelly. If things move along as they should at Walnut Hill Park, we should be moving within the next six or seven weeks.

How’s my hubby been feeling these past few days? If you aren’t too tired (some night this week) will you try to write? I certainly miss you, sweet.

Last night I stayed in the house alone until about 9 when Harriet came in & “dragged” me out. Jakie, Harriet, Rae Wyman, Mrs. Greitzer & I sat on the porch & “gabbed” while Mom & Tante Shush sat in the parlor & “gabbed.” Some evening!!

Incidentally, how is your money holding out? Have you had an evening to yourself?

Everyone here is fine. Jakie is working late this evening. Harry goes up to Al’s place every night & helps along. He says the extra money comes in handy.

I’m looking forward to seeing you, sweet. Mom sends her love. All I can say now is that I love you, Phil.


Wednesday, May 21, 1941

6.45 P.M.

Dear Ev,

When there was no mail from you today, I felt sorta let down, but just 
to show you I won't hold it against you, I'm dropping you these few lines tonight.

Next to receiving a letter from you, I enjoy writing one to you. It was very hot today, and the program was a rigorous one what with close order drill (with rifles), bayonet drill, hasty entrenchment, instruction in construction of barbed wire entanglements, mechanics of the light machine gun machine gun drill, etc. The day's work is so exhausting, that everyone holds his breath, as it were, until the evening, when one can take a shower and relax. There is a pronounced relaxation of tension immediately after retreat and everyone is so relieved that there is a good deal of horseplay and fun-making and we laugh at almost anything. Right I am waiting for Sam to finish dressing. We are going around to take some pictures.

I got a lucky break today. You know my jacket or blouse, as they call it here, was too large for me. One of the fellows had a 38 which was too small for him, while mine is a 40 which is too large - so we traded and we both have blouses that fit. So much for my side of the story.

What have you been doing these past few days? Why didn’t you write? Sam just received an enormous package and there's a great to-do here and everyone's trying to guess what's inside. They've finally got it open, and it's a big tin box of assorted fancy cookies. And I can't eat any - damn it! No Bicarbonate. I've been using those Bisodol tablets I bought in Phila. They help allay the burning. But not fast enough nor completely enough. It appears very much as though I'll be home this week-end, sweet, so don't fail to remind me to take some soda back with me. By the way, did you call Sam's girl friend yet? We're anxious that you get together. I hope to receive mail from you tomorrow, Until then, I am your loving husband 


P.S. My love to all

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