Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Post #60 - August 28, 29, 1941 Possible Surprise Furlough and The Home Demonstration

Many people don’t realize that I have been making recordings while reading each letter aloud, a result of friends telling me that they have trouble deciphering the handwriting. So in each post, I have made a slideshow that flashes past while I am narrating the letters. Just make sure your sound is on and click on the arrow on the slideshow.

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To enlarge the pages of the letter so that they are legible, click on the first page. This will allow you to enlarge for reading and will provide access to the other pages along the bottom of the screen.

Rough Yiddish Translation: My love and dearest son, I can write to you and hope today is a happy day and I am elated from reading this letter with your good news. We will count every day and every hour until you come home.  The idea that was given from you is very good. That you got the guarantee today were God-given words. —Mother

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