Monday, September 21, 2020

Post #151 - January 26, 1943 Ed’s Gotten So Handsome and He’s a Regular Don Juan and The Company in the Barracks Next Door is Quarantined with Measles


  • From Wikipedia:
  • Edward R. Murrow delivered his classic "Orchestrated Hell" broadcast over CBS Radio, describing a nighttime bombing raid on Berlin, by 619 SquadronRAF, based at RAF Woodhall Spa The night before, Murrow had been allowed to fly on board a 619 Sqn Avro Lancaster, codenamed "D for Dog", during the raid. Toward the close of his report, Murrow commented "Men die in the sky while others are roasted alive in their cellars. Berlin last night wasn't a pretty sight. In about 35 minutes it was hit with about three times the amount of stuff that ever came down on London in a night-long blitz."[10]

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