Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Post #250 - December 15, 1943 Today Was that Typical Routine Day for Me


December 15, 1943 

My Sweet,

The mail is slow coming through again. I have not received a letter in three days and I'm hard put today for things to say. Today was that typical routine day for me, again with nothing intervening to vary the sameness of the pattern. After supper (which I didn't eat), Captain Burdine and I went off to the movie, which was hardly worth seeing again, but which I preferred to laying around the barracks. The picture was “Lady of Burlesque.” Afterward, we stopped at the snack bar where we had toasted cheese sandwiches, which were tasty, and believe it or not—ICE CREAM, vanilla with chocolate syrup. Then back here to write this. Sorry, my experiences aren't more diverting, Baby, but that's the way it is. 

In a few minutes, I'll be going to bed. It will be 10:30. I’ll lay awake a while and try to picture you and try to guess what you are doing at that particular moment. It will then be 5:30 P.M. where you are. In another few minutes, I'll be fast asleep and, perhaps, if I'm lucky, I'll see you in my dreams. Goodnight, sweet Evvie. Kiss Adele for me, her adoring daddy. Love to all from 

Your Phil

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