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Post #257 - December 30, 1943 Tomorrow—New Year’s Eve will be Our Third Apart in the Almost Five Years We Have Known Each Other.


December 30, 1943

My Own, 

Haven't had mail from you since Friday—five whole days. After receiving mail almost daily, I can't help worrying. Your last letter was dated Dec. 13th. Maybe tomorrow, huh? I worked for Miss Hahn all day while Betty and Sarah cared for Adele. Oh yes, I wore my red sweater today and it looks very well. I finished putting the sleeves in last night. I received a nice New Year’s card from Flora and Marvin and will answer them shortly. The Reader's Digest came through this morning and I hope to do some reading, if Harry and Goldie don't mind. I have to go to the tailor to take out my fur coat and skirt of my suit. Betty said Adele was a perfect angel all day long. Adele was so glad to see me that she didn't know what to do with herself. Adele really says “pop” and it sounds so cute. Tomorrow—New Year's Eve will be our third apart in the almost five years we have known each other. It will be just another night for me and a very, very lonesome one, too. I'm missing you more than ever lately. Keep well baby, I love you dearly. 

Your Eve

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