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Post #279 - January 27, 1944 Your Letter Kept Me in High Spirits All Day Long and I was Wondering, Chippie, if you Couldn’t Get a Whole Box of Halvah


January 27th, 1944

My Own, 

Imagine my surprise when I opened your air-mail letter this morning to find it had been written on the 22nd. That's the earliest I ever got mail from you. Just five days and it was the sort of letter I had expected to receive after you had read my letter of a few days ago concerning money. It answers the letter I wrote to a “t” so you may consider that letter void. Don't pay any attention to it. I think it's swell of you to reconsider and send along whatever you may have on hand that you can comfortably spare without any hardship to your interests. I hope on those occasions to save most of what you send, as you already know what savings means to me, especially in large amounts. I certainly will take a C.P. [Clair Pruett] picture as you “hint,” just as soon as I receive the money. I've noticed that it takes three weeks for me to receive whatever monies you do send. Your letter kept me in high spirits all day long and I could kiss you for it. 

My mother took Adele to Broad Street in the walker today and I accomplished a great deal of housework. I’m quite knocked out and intend to get to bed after posting this. Ruth will mail off the other packages as your requests arrive. I don't think Jack N. particularly likes the idea of receiving his mail from you via me. That's the impression I had, so to be fair to both of you, I think you’d better send them direct. I love you, my dearest, and herewith enclose a kiss. 

Your Eve 

January 27, 1944

Dearest Darling, 

Your V-mail of 12th and 13th Jan. arrived today, but it didn't offer much in the way of news. I was glad, though, to learn that you were sending off another box of chocolates and the hankies, which I still need pretty badly. I haven't received the first box of candies yet, but I'm looking forward to getting them any day now. I think it would be a good idea if you sent off a package each month so they wouldn't be too far and few between. I was wondering, Chippie, if you couldn't get a whole box of halvah at one of the big stores on 11th Street. It's packed in a wooden box and should travel well. Will you inquire, Sweet? 

Just finished a letter for Mom. Tell her, the next time she writes, to use lined paper 'cause I get dizzy looking at her up-hill-down-dale script. Today, I mean to get still another letter written—if I have time—one to your Mom; it's a long time since I've written to her and I feel I have been neglecting her. 

Adele's newest bag of tricks are cuter than ever, especially that saluting business. I was busy on the typewriter all day today and I still have plenty left for tomorrow. 

And now, I bid you a fine good-night, Sweetheart. My dearest love to the punkin and her circle of admirers. Much more to-morrow, Baby—I promise. 

Always Your Phil

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