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Post #305 - February 25, 1944 “Pig Foot Pete, The Boogey Woogey Man”


February 25, 1944

Darling Phil, 

No mail and not much to say, hence v-mail. Adele is still a bit cranky and hasn't regained her appetite. Had a v-mail from Ed containing his new address. I wrote 5 letters yesterday—one to you, Ed, Milt, and Jack N. Oh yes, Glo was the fifth. 

Harry is going to take his vacation next week and he and Goldie are going to Poughkeepsie to visit her folks. 

Adele slept soundly for the first time in weeks. She awoke when I went to bed (about 10:15), I slapped her on the potty, she “went” and went right back to sleep for the rest of the night. Boy, was I mad? Oh yeh! 

I've been working on Mom’s sweater whenever time permits and have almost completed the front. It should be quite nice. 

I'm awful hungry for you at this moment, baby, and want very much to draw you close, hold and kiss you tenderly. Phil, darling, I love you so dearly! Betty Hutton is singing on the radio and the number is the type you'd like. “Pig Foot Pete, the Boogey Woogey Man.” I haven't been “out” since Jack N. was here and my visit to the Browns—three or more weeks. We'll go out tonight, won't we, sweet? I'll be ready in just a jiffy if you don't mind waiting for 

Your Eve

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