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Post #412 - July 10–12, 1944 That’s All Ed Said—“I’m in France Now”


July 10, 1944

Dearest Phil, 

Thought I'd get some air this evening instead of sitting in and typing. I received your three short letters of July 2, 3 and 4 along with a letter from Ed, who is now in France. I guess I felt it, as I mentioned it a few days ago. The news depressed me terribly, but I'll get used to it. That's all he said—“I'm in France now.” He also said that he has written to you several times and has had but one reply from you. Guess the mail situation is bad. Your letters were short and sweet, and I'd prefer to say nothing concerning anything about the house, etc. I can assure you that everything is running as smoothly as is possible under the circumstances. I only wish, sweet, that you could have seen your dotter last night! She looked like a gorgeous flower or butterfly, dressed in her yellow pinafore, yellow flower in her hair, yellow socks, and snow white shoes. She drew “ew or ah” from anyone who chanced to see her. I must have a snap of her in that outfit, as I, too, want a lasting remembrance of her looking that way. I didn't get to see the Benis’ after all. I called them nine times in all and could not reach them. I finally left a message at the hotel. It was another hot day and I went to work as usual. I'm keeping our date faithfully, baby mine and I sure do love you up each time. A hug and kiss from 

Your lovin’ Eve

July 11th, 1944

Darling hubby, 

No mail today, for a change. The weather continues hot with no sign of a let up. The only break comes at night when there is a cool breeze outside. By the time the house cools off, it is morning again and the sun makes the house a sweatbox once more. I worked as usual, catching in some pressing before going to work. I washed my new navy and white pinafore and it shrunk just a bit. It was a bit large but fits perfectly now. This pinafore is just the type you'd love, baby. 

Goldie is getting a permanent tomorrow morning, in spite of what Harry says. Her hair is too straight and long and does not look well at all. Harry has been to the track three times in the past week. 

I brought home two more yacht chairs. It's a pleasure to buy things so cheaply. 

Adele knows that “mon-ee” belongs in a pocketbook. She's getting up in the world! 

I understand Petey has several of Adele’s pictures and I'll try to get them tomorrow and send them along. He says they are “cute.” 

Esther's hubby is home on furlough and I hope to get out to see them this week sometime. Now I'll sign off with all my love, my sweet. 

Your Eve 

July 12, 1944. 

Dearest Mine, 

I was thinking about last year in this time; if you will recall, you were home on a three day pass. Gosh, what a difference! No mail today, except a pillow case I received from Seymour. It's a white satin with Navy (navy colored) Insignia. 

Petey gave me the two enclosed snaps of Adele. I think they are fair. That doll she's holding is the one I bought her. That doll she’s holding is the one I bought her. The doll’s hat and pinafore are bright red. The sun suit Adele is wearing is the sailor suit she wore last year. As I suspected the bruise does show in the pictures. You will note, also, that her legs are much straighter. She still walks a little pigeon toed, but I'm hoping it, too, will straighten itself out. 

The heat continues with the mercury around 97 today. I sweat more than I ever remember sweating, but I feel good. I'm not half as tired as I used to be, though I do have a few very tiring days now and then. My new oxfords feel swell—why the h--- didn't I ever buy such good, comfortable shoes before this! 

Dot called last night and I hope to visit her with Adele either this Sat. or next.

I managed to get a v-mail off to Eddie last night. 

Harry was out to the track again today. It's getting to be his hangout. 

Diana Jean is passed 8 lbs. and going strong. She's still on the thin, long side, but she'll get there. She's losing all her dark hair. I have a hunch she's going to be a blonde someday. Adele's hair is very blond when the sunlight hits it, very much like yours is in the summer. 

Phil, I can't get any sense to mailing off packages during this very hot weather. Can you suggest something other than chocolate? I could make up a nice package of lifesavers and chewing gum if I can get them in reasonable quantities. 

Adele sleeps straight through the night without a break. Occasionally she doesn’t. She seems to be cutting teeth again and was a little cranky last night. 

At this point, my dearest, I find myself wanting you very, very much. I'm glad to report that I haven't had any trouble as far as sex is concerned for the past few months. All I know is, I want you—you, and all that goes with you. I love you, Phil—

Your Eve

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