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Post #417 - July 18, 19, 1944 The Woman Ruth is Staying With (in Atlantic City) Invited My Mother Down for Four Days


July 18, 1944

My sweet,

I had a letter from Ruth today. The woman she is staying with invited my mother down for four days (Mon. to Thurs.) of any week she chooses. Ruth wants me to convince my Mom to go down for the rest. I think, if it is at all possible, that I shall go down for those few days too and stay with the Browns, if I can arrange it. I'd like to see my Mom go and I think she'll go if I do. Nothing is definite, so am not making any plans just yet.

I had the “blues" again all day. I kept looking at the clock at work wondering what you were doing at each hour. Tonight I took my supper alone and sort or made believe that you were sitting opposite me at the table, with that lovey dovey look in your eyes that always went over big with me. Then I was really blue! In case you get this before yesterday's air mail letter, then I must inform you that Mom went to Browns Mills yesterday for a while and that is why I supped alone.

I called Dot after writing to you last night and read her the interesting parts of your 17 page letter of 9-10th July. I expect to definitely see her this weekend, even if I have to go out alone in the evening. She is all worked up about this "new business" you started with her, but I think you are safe in explaining your side, cause I'm sure you will receive complete understanding. Dot knows you pretty well by now. As you please, baby.

I'm sure when you don't hear any real complaints out of me that there isn't any need to tell you that I am getting sleep, though not every single night. I feel fine, though I do believe I've dropped a little weight due to the hot weather. My appetite falls off, but I make up for it by drinking lots of liquids. You wouldn't believe it, dear, but I actually drink several glasses of water each day. Mr. Bellet has a water cooler with Purock water and I enjoy a glass of that kind of water any day. I also have my dad bring me in a large 17¢ box of ice-cream each day to finish off my lunch, so you see, sweet, I'm treating myself pretty good these days.

We had a v-mail from Jack today and he mentioned that he wrote you two letters and has not heard from you in a long time. You two ought to get together. I guess you owe him a letter. Jack wrote the cutest v-mail to Diana Jean in which he wrote in the “very cute" vein, as only Jack can.

The weather is rather nice, getting very warm in the daytime and cool at night. I'm missing you more than ever, Phil dear, and hope that it won't be many more months before we will be together. I'll never tire of telling you of my deep love and adoration for you, and want, to demonstrate the extent of my love for you - though I doubt if even that can express fully the love I bear you, my sweet. I must run now, as I have to do a bit of pressing before I can hit the hay and I'm anxious to get finished early. Good night, see ya tomorrow - -

Your Eve

July 19, 1944

Dearest Phil,

It's a bit after five (I'm still at work) and having completed everything there is to be completed, I decided to take advantage of the time to get off a letter to you. There isn't much I can say, but I'll try to fill this page.

There wasn't any mail this morning, except a card from Glo, who is vacationing for one week at Saratoga Springs with her mother. Perhaps there was some this afternoon, but I shall have to wait til I get home to find out.

After posting your letter last night I proceeded to press and pressed for a full 2-1/2 hours, finally catching up. It had piled rather high and I did as much as I could, when I could. It took almost an hour of that time to do up Adele's new yellow pinafore, which is a piperoo to press.

When I completed the pressing I took a quick shower and landed in bed about 11:15. Adele slept straight through the night - all the way up to 7:45, so I had a good night's rest. In the morning I did my daily duties, making breakfast, cleaning our room, etc. and even caught in a bit of sewing, which had been piling up. Adele is still teething and I'm surprised it doesn't keep her up. It's a slow process and I'd be very happy if the whole thing were over with this minute. She's cutting four teeth at one time and these four will complete her set in front. She still has to get four 2 year molars to be really finished.

I eat my lunch at work now, instead of rushing to eat before leaving the house. I told Mr. Bellet that it would be necessary for me to eat at work, cause I didn't enjoy my lunch at the unearthly hour of 10:45 (after eating breakfast at 8:30) and he agreed that it would be better if I took off some time at work. My dad brings me in a box of ice-cream each day and whatever else I choose to have. I bring along a sandwich from home and if there isn't anything with which to make a sandwich, I have my dad bring that in too.

I suppose you're sleeping now, as it is after five, making it after 11 over there. Wish I could say move over and give me more room, cause I'd like nothing better than to be with you right now. I think I'm getting to be a sleepy head, cause I need lots of sleep to feel sufficiently rested.


I never thought I'd get this far, but here I am. How'm I doin', honey? (I just hit the 3/4 instead of the ? cause it's in a different place on this typewriter). This typewriter, by the way, is a Royal - an old one.

It's delightfully cool today and it would be a beautiful day if it weren't for the fact that there isn't any sun.

Mr. B. commented that "I sure do write a magilla" (if this is any sample). I interrupted this to total the day's bills and register the totals. It is now 6 P.M. (quitting time around here, babe) and I'm ready to quit. A middle aged man, who works for Mr. B part-time and lives in our neighborhood has been taking us home the past few nights. Mr. B. took an apartment in town and if Mr. Perry can't drive us home, his son will, so we still get a ride.

I'm waiting for my dad to wash up before I am able to leave. Guess I'd better sign off now, sweet, so I won't keep him or Mr. Perry waiting. My usual ending, that of "I love and adore you, my dearest Phil, will have to suffice this evening, but I'm sure it will be okay with you.

Your Eve

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