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Post #419 - July 22, 1944 I Had Intended to Go Into Town This Evening With Klein, But the Lunk-Head Got Himself Grounded for Speeding


22 July 1944

Dearest Chippie,

Not much to say today. There was no mail, and hardly anything worth writing about.

Last night I attended the re-opening of the renovated "Thunderbolt Theater". The picture, as I told you yesterday, was "For Whom the Bell Tolls". I didn't enjoy it quite as much the second time. The element of suspense was gone because I knew the plot. However, it would have been worth my while if only to see "Maria" again. The theater is a very great improvement over the previous one. The screen is large and new and white, and the two new 35 mm. projectors make it unnecessary to stop the film to change reels. I'm looking forward to many pleasant evenings there, (but not too many more I hope).

I turned in very early, about 9:30, and had a good night's sleep. My work for this month is pretty well cleaned up—until the 28th, when I have to start on the Company History.

This evening, it walked down to the Snack Bar, had some sandwiches and coffee, and then settled down in the lounge to listen to the radio and read some old papers that were lying about. Today's "Stars and Stripes” didn’t arrive, for some reason. The news on the radio brought me up-to-date.

Later, there was a speaker, an elderly gentleman from Mass., who talked for an hour and a half about post-war prospects in employment. His talk was very general, though, covering a variety of subjects, and was most interesting. I learned a good deal, asked a few questions, and revised a few of my concepts and opinions. A most profitable evening.

Which once more brings me right up to the minute, Sweet. I think of you constantly, and wish most fervently that I will soon be free to return to you and the punkin and all my loved ones at home. Good-night my darling, I love you more and more each day. My love to all.

Your Phil

22 July 1944

Dearest Evie,

No mail today for the third day in a row, and I'm back to double-spacing as a result. There is still so little to report, that I have to think and think until I get an idea as to what to write about. I'll tell you what I did today. That's always good for a few lines. Then, I'll say a few words about the weather, etc., and by that time I may have thought of some thing else.

To begin with, I relieved the CQ at 6:30. It was a gray, cold morning, and the gloomy appearance of the sky did my spirits no good. I was entirely caught up with my work, and I spent the morning reading a magazine, Directly after lunch, there was a dental inspection. I have a coupla new cavities, and have to make an appointment at the dispensary to have them filled. Which reminds me to ask you, dear, when you last visited the dentist, and isn't it about time you were making an appointment to have your teeth looked at? Then I hopped on a bike and rode down to the Finance Office, where I transcribed the payroll. This killed the afternoon. I had intended to go into town this evening with Klein, but the lunk-head got himself grounded for speeding, and isn't driving the Officers' liberty-run bus anymore. I could have gone in on the Enlisted Men's Liberty run, but I don't enjoy it because it's uncomfortable riding, usually crowded, and some of the guys drink too much and get sick all over the place, and on anyone who is unlucky enough to be in the vicinity. Not relishing the prospect, I went along with Klein to the Snack Bar. Then we stuck around the lounge awhile, while Klein wrote a few letters and I read "Yank" and listened to the radio. When it came time, we went around to the movie, where "Dixie" was playing. I had already seen it, but since it was a musical, and because I'm caught up on my correspondence for a change, I thought I'd kill the evening that way. At that, I found it far from boring. I hit the sack at exactly 11 o'clock, and I'll give you just one guess, darling, as to what I was thinking about at that particular time. If you are wondering when I found time to type this, Sweet, permit me to enlighten you. I am typing this the "morning after". This morning, for want of something better to do, I decided to compile a few statistics - on the percentage of married men in the company, those with children, etc. This afternoon, if there is still no mail, I think I'll start drawing the plans for that Duplex Apartment - remember? I'm hoping, though, that there will be some mail.

Just enough space left, honey, to remind you that I love you very much. Kiss the punkin for me, and give my love to all. I am 

your ever-lovin’

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