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Post #525 - December 8, 1944 Almost All of My Pay this Month Will Be Spent on Gifts and Letters from Mike Nerenberg and Milton Brown


Dec. 8, 1944

Dearest Phil,

Am starting this at the office, as there is a lull. I got into work very early this morning, as I wanted to make up for time I lost on Tuesday. It has been raining most of the day, but it's not as cold as was a few days ago.

When I got into work I began to feel ill, and thought I was coming down with a cold. After eating lunch and munching on some cough drops I feel lots better and I think I've managed to beat off the cold before it made any headway. My resistance has been very good since I started to take the vitamin pills.

I've been thinking of what to give the Moms for Xmas. I think I shall get your Mom a handbag, as she needs a new one. My mother needs a coat badly, so I'll go shopping with her for one, and give a $5 deposit on it for her. The only other person I am going to gift this year is Ruth, who has been a fairly good girl.

And while I'm on the subject of gifts, let me remind you not to forget your brother Jack's birthday, which is Jan. 12, Harold's birthday (Dot's kid) Jan. 19, and Jack N.'s which is Jan 25. You always ask me to give you ample notice, so here tis. Almost all of my pay this month will be spent on gifts. Monday is Harry's birthday and I have to get him something, too.

Mr. Bellet's sister, Jessie, is leaving us today and is joining her husband in Buffalo, N.Y. Jessie is breaking in a new girl, a bleached blond, rather attractive girl whose name is Anna Katz.

I have nothing lined up for the weekend. Think I shall try to take it easy, for a change, and perhaps take in a movie. I haven't been to a movie since Oct. when I saw "Summer Storm" and think it's about time I broke the ice. I also have to fix all the new things Adele received, make hems, etc. so that they will fit her properly now.

Dot called this morning to inform me that Snuff was in for a short while last night, but had not time to call me to say good-bye. He is shipping out of Maryland Sat. morning for Louisiana. That's all he knows at the present time. He doesn't think he'll remain in Louisiana. Dot said, "Now I have nothing to look forward to on weekends".

No mail today, honey, so I'm cutting this short. You know that I love you so much, baby!

Your Eve

December 8, 1944

Dear Phil,

We got a little mail a few days ago & I had three letters in all. One from home, Sydney, & Mickey. Everyone seems to be fine. It looks as though we will be only getting our mail once a week while we are here, for the only way they can supply us is by boat. That holds our outgoing mail up that long also. It sure is a long time between mail calls, but that’s the way things go. I thought I was going to like this place, but I sure have changed my mind. It is the rainy season now, & it practically rains all day and night. Once in a while it almost drives you half crazy, especially at nights while you are on guard. Today started a new week, so I’m on day guard for the present time. I get a good night’s sleep now for a week, that is if nothing turns up. So far it has been pretty quiet, & I sure hope it stays that way. At the present time, I’m writing letters while on guard on the outpost. That’s a good way to pass by these lonely hours. I heard from Evelyn a few weeks ago, & I just finished writing her a letter. Well, I’ll have to close for now & in a hurry, for it is starting to rain again. Take good care of yourself & I’ll write you again as soon as I can.


8 December, 1944

Dear Phil:

Thanks much for your letter old man. These have been hectic weeks for this fellow, hence my lateness in answering. it is getting close to leaving now and, the work is piling sky high. your wife no doubt has been thinking that she does not exist so far is i'm concerned. however, it really has been terrific keeping up with social obligations. i intend calling her this week and explaining to her the reasons for such disinterested actions. we know she will understand. it hasn’t been easy what with trying to get a larger place for Frances and the child. you know, i'm expecting another. that is, you know now. i haven’t informed too many persons about it, except those who can't help noticing it. expect the next one some time during the month of may. you see, i am a busy man. don't do anything for fun. i hope to get a chance to sing in church during the xmas holydays. i like singing with an organ, which lends toward beauty of a song. i ain’t too good now, so don't expect much when you do hear me, in the near future. really, one never fully realizes the beauty of strange things unless they make some attempt to touch them. it has brought many happy moments to this guy. i can see the picture of you now, the one with the violin in your hands. your facial expression then was one of complete satisfaction. that is how i feel when i have completed a song and knew it wasn’t too bad. when you return from the wars, i will have you attending church regularly. not because i want you to be religious, hell no. that is far from my mind and the manner in which i think. my religion doesn't lean toward any being practiced by great groups. the music in any church which offers good music might find me there. for anything else, no.

my deepest disappointment has been in not being able to attend some of the many concerts offered in the city, solely because the time didn’t allow it. perhaps some day, poor guys like myself, will have the occasion for full leisure. you too, you mug. don't allow the above comments mislead you; am totally ignorant of self pity.

although you are someplace in england, it might be not inconvenient for you to look up my brother in law. perchance, you may be close to him. his name is, capt. asher segal # 01695984 Disp. Depot, 0642 APO 316A. should you f'ind him around, i think he would be most gracious. very democratic sort of guy. how is your cuzzin or brother in law getting along, the one who has been hospitalized for some time. seems to me the air corps with all its power and glory would attempt getting you fellows home after 18 moths, which has occurred in the past with men in that branch of service. get to work on them, bub, they are reputed to be quite fair with their men, when they can be spared.

well guy, enough smoke for now. i'll be expecting to hear from you at any moment now. i'll keep you posted for i leave and after i get there. until then and with lotions of complaints, i remain your very busy boy,


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