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Post #543 - January 4, 5, 1945 I Haven’t Even Found the Time to Wash Since Yesterday and A Poem


4 Jan. 1945

Dearest Darling,

Don't have time enough tonight to write a full-fledged letter, so I’m resorting to V-mail. I was supposed to have this morning off on accounta I pulled CQ last night, but I had so much to do, that I just couldn't take time off. Believe it or not, Chippie, I haven't even found the time to wash since yesterday morning. I managed to dispose of the Soldiers’ Deposits and PTT’s today and knock out a few letters, indorsements, etc., but I still have the Company History to do. It's due tomorrow, so I'll have to work pretty late tonight to get it done. That's why I can only spare you a few minutes right now - and I probably couldn't do that, if it were not for the fact that I’m waiting for Sgt. Yahner to get back from supper. I want him to straighten out an apparent discrepancy in the notes that Sgt. Sinneway gave me. While I was sweating him out, it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to let you know that your ever lovin' hubby is very much alive and kicking (but frequently) on this 4th of January. Today was a very nice one - clear and sunny - but cold! There was no mail for me today, so I don't guess I could have said much more, anyway.

Keep punchin,’ Baby, and always keep in mind that ever-present fact that is responsible for all your troubles today: 

Your Phil
loves you

P.S. My love to the punkin - and all.

Jan. 5, 1945 

Ev, darling,

Here I am again with V-mail. I want to make the first show to see "Wing and a Prayer”, and I don't have too much time. Besides, there was no mail again today, and I really have very little to say.

All day today was spent compiling, writing, and typing the Company History. By working steadily at it, I managed to get it done by 5 o’clock, which was the deadline.

The weather is uncomfortably chilly, and it's not too pleasant to walk back and forth from the Mess Hall. At night, I barely manage to stay warm by covering up with 
four blankets and my overcoat. In the morning, it takes a bit of will-power to get out from under the warmth of the blankets to brave the chill atmosphere of the hut while I scramble into my clothes.

However, all these minor physical inconveniences are as nothing compared to an overwhelming feeling of loneliness that assails me from time to time. It seems, Sweet that I'll never, never get used to being without you. Nothing in the world seems to hold any significance or importance for me anymore—outside the ever more desirable actuality of holding you close to my heart that loves you so. So long for now, Baby. Kiss “my little girl” for me.

Your Phil

Jan. 5, 1945 from Milt Brown


Anything goes with it.
You can tie pretty bows with it,
Wipe off you nose with it,
Dust off your clothes with it,
Patch up your hose with it,
Scare many crows with it
Truce all your foes with it,
Cover ol’ man Mose with it,
Keep away woes with it,
Useful isn’t it?

You can make a sarong if Lamour isn’t handi.
We’ve already sent one to Mahatma Ghandi.

You can color it red and drive a bull crazy. 
Sit in the park on it when you are lazy.

It’s a kite or a bib, in a pinch a bandanna. 
You can use it to decorate any piano.

It makes a nice bras or a real nifty snood. 
You can cover almost anything. but let's not be rude.

Makes an arty ample apron, 
Or a dainty darling diaper,
And a tiny tidy towel,
Or a wicked window wiper.

It's for wiping off lipstick just after kissin’. 
It's even a shirt tail if yours should be missin'.

Share it with Mother and Father and friends.
It's useful for baby at both of his ends.

You can play games with it, blindfold your face, 
Drop the handkerchief, three legged race.

It could replace a filter if ya wanna be scientific, 
And if ya stop to think, the possibilities are terrific.

Ya can write on it things you don't wanna forget. 
It’s a quick pen wiper or a pingpong net.

It's a scarf if you're cold. And a fan if you’re hot. 
It can almost be anything 
You ain't got.

It's a collar for doggie,
A band for your hat, 
A dress for the dolly. 
Or a play house door mat.

Clean the windows,
Bandage your eyes
Polish your shoes,
Wavy G’Bye.

It’s quite correct in your dinner jacket, 
Or in your ears when there's too much racket, 
It’s nice enough on the wall to tack it.

Tie up your lunch in it when you go hiking, 
Tie up your pants with it when you go biking,
Or even just a tie.

Makeup taker offer, 
A nose blower inner
A vegetable wrapper upper,
A napkin at dinner.

For Benito and Adolph wrap up "Micky Fin"
  and make ’em drink lots of “Exlaxis."
For the Japs a Bronx Cheer and a “Merry Miss-mas”
  and a “Happy New Jeer” to the Axis.

It’s only a handkerchief. Courtesy of Mickey Wyman through Stage Door Canteen

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