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Post #563 - January 28, 1945 The Guy Who was to have Cleaned and Pressed my Trousers Couldn't Do So because There was No Hot Water in the Ablution

28 January 1945

Dearest Darling,

Today being the first day of my pass, I took in the matinee at the base theater. This evening, I had intended to go into town to see Bert and Evelyn, and to find out what I could do about getting your present (ain’t I the stubborn one?) engraved. Unfortunately, the guy who was to have cleaned and pressed my trousers couldn't do so because there was no hot water in the ablution. So it looks very much like it’ll be another two weeks before I can get to town. Maybe if I hold off a little while longer, it will reach you some time in March - say about the 20th or 28th - get it?

The picture this afternoon was pretty good, except for one nauseating interlude of “flag-waving.” It was “An American Romance" with Brian Donlevy and Ann Richards. The latter is a very lovely newcomer to the screen, but her performance was every bit as satisfying as her beauty was edifying. The story is one that any school boy could have written, but the scope and magnitude of the pictography and the embellishing beauty of the technicolor made made the whole thing worth while. "Take it Big,” a class "C" musical, which I saw last night, proved a stinkeroo in every respect.

There was no fresh mail today, Chippie, and things in general around here have been uncommonly dull, so I’m having a helluva time thinking of what to say— 

Right now, I'm comfortably ensconced on my bunk. It is warm and cozy here in the hut - thanks to a good wood fire in the stove, and I'm getting drowsier by the minute. My mind just doesn't seem capable of functioning to any extent, and I'm trying desperately to think of the wherewithal for just one more paragraph to fill this page—

I’ve just been consulting your last letter for an inspiration, but nothing doing. I did notice, though, that I failed to acknowledge your concern about my Nov. & Dec. War Bonds. Never fear, honey, they’ll turn up eventually - and if they don’t, I have the
company pay-rolls to show that the deductions have been made. I'll wait a while longer and then institute inquiries as to what has been holding them up. 

These last three lines are just enough to permit me to tell you for the first time (today) that I adore you, my Evie, and to send a kiss and a hug to my punkin, and my love to all.

Your Phil

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