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Post #695 - September 13, 1945 I Know You Will … Look on Our Failings with Tolerance and on Our Achievements with Pride for having Shared Them with Us


Sept. 13th—1945
Savoy Hotel London

Dear Philip,

As you see, we are on holiday in London, and your letter reached us here. Many thanks for it. We are indeed most sorry that we shall not have the pleasure of welcoming you to our home once again, but for you the welcome in your home will transcend all else, & we hope for your sake it will be soon.

We look forward some day to seeing you in your own country, the country that lies side by side with England in our hearts. We will have much pleasure in accepting your kind invitation. And so Philip as you say, au revoir, a thousand blessings on you and your family. I know you will be an ambassador for the old country when you return home, and will look on our failings with tolerance and on our achievements with pride for having shared them with us. Again all our good wishes.

Ever your friends,
the Davieses

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