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Post #698 - September 24, 1945 We Might Do Well to Check Up on How Many Points Each of "Our" Boys Have

24 September 1945

My Darling,

The weather can't seem to make up its mind today. It has rained ten times already, and in between times the sun has been shining. Right now it is raining again. I cleaned up what work there was this morning, and don't have a solitary thing to do this afternoon - except type this letter to you.

Your letter of 16 Sep was on my desk when I came back to the Orderly Room after lunch. There isn't much that requires comment, though. I'm happy to learn that Yale came through his operation O.K., and that Syd Brown is a civilian by now. I was wondering a little while ago how many points our Jack has now. Since the WD has announced that the number of points will be the determining factor in all future shipments home and for demobilization, we might do well to check up on how many points each of "our" boys have. I'd like to know how many Puffy and Limey have, too.

I'm going to institute a policy today—that of including the latest dope on shipping and demobilization according to the Stars & Stripes. This should give you a pretty good idea as to when you might expect me. You know, of course, that I have 77 points.

Too bad you're having such a time finding a snow-suit for the punkin. You say something about shopping for it in New York, I think that is a "smashing" idea! But I'm afraid that she'll need it before the time for meeting in New York arrives. Incidentally, Sweet, in case you didn't know it before, I will be separated from the service at Ft. Dix. It may work out that I won't be able to meet you in New York after all, but there is a chance that I will. The picture is too indefinite right now to say for sure where we will hold that long-awaited reunion, but you may depend on it I will get in touch with you at the earliest possible instant, and wherever we meet, it will be just too wonderful for words. I must warn you now not to be disappointed if I fail to let you come to me at once, because I still feel that I don't want to see you until I am free to be with you for at least a number of days. I simply could not bear to see you for a little while and then separate again (you remember how it was at Ft. Dix). You understand, Chippie, why I don't want to go through that ordeal again! Do you remember how I almost took Klein up on his offer to let us "use" the jeep? He still kids me about it. No, thank you—I'll take a nice, cozy hotel room some place—nor will I consider meeting you until conditions are such that we can be alone. You'll probably think that I'm pretty awful for thinking this way, Chippie - that "that" is all I think about. But that's not exactly the truth, baby. It's just that that is one of the things I will be thinking about when I have you close to me, and I know how maddening it can be to be prevented by circumstances.

Does it strike you, honey, that in my most recent letters I can hardly talk about anything but my homecoming? To be perfectly frank, I rarely think of anything else these days. Everything we're doing in the Orderly Room these days is toward the end of getting the boys home and out of the Army, and just the thought of it is enough to cause an air of excitement. When I think how I used to look forward to the days we are now experiencing - ! The one topic of conversation is "the Next Shipping List". It seems that's all we're living for these days.

One thing I do regret, though, darling, is that I got you all excited prematurely. I'll try to keep my natural optimism more in check from now on. I do hope the let-down wasn't too severe, baby.

Was glad to read in your letter that Harry is looking for a place for his family. How's about giving him a lift in his search? Your mother should be able to help in this direction - if I remember correctly she has a knack for that sort of thing. I won't pretend, Chippie, that my motives here are anything but selfish. You will understand from my last few letters that I am most anxious to come back to a home occupied only by you and the punkin and Mom. Your failure to accomplish this would be the only thing that would, in some measure, keep my homecoming from being the perfectly glorious experience I have envisaged. - But there I go again! Just can't seem to keep off the subject.

Time to quit now, Sweet, and just space enough left to tell you yet again that I adore you. Best love to Adele and all the family.

Expectantly, Your Phil

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