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Post #700 - September 26, 1945 A Letter from Milt Brown


Sept. 26, 1945

Dear Evelyn:

No mail from you since I wrote you last, but I still owe you quite a few letters. I’m feeling fine, & hope this letter finds you all the same. Our work in this outpost has closed down the past few days and we aren’t getting in many Jap prisoners. We have the biggest majority taken care of now. In a few days we expect to move out of here & set up our camp down on the beach. I thought for awhile we were going to catch some of the Occupation Army, but I’m most sure now that we won’t & that sure does suit me fine. We sure have been hearing some good news of our Division going to the States, as a whole, over the radio & around here on the Island. Everyone in the outfit with 60 points or above will go back with the Division & those who have under will be sent to another outfit. With the new recount I have 68, but I still would have had enough without the recount. So far they say we will load the boats about the middle of Oct., & that sure will be one boat ride I’ll enjoy no matter how sea sick I get. We sure do deserve a break, & boy this sure would be a good one. The food sure has been lousy & we aren’t getting any fresh meat to eat at all. They say the Q.M. on this base is just using up the food on hand & is not ordering a thing. That also is a good sign of us going home. Well Evelyn, that about winds up the news for now. Give my regards to all. Write you again soon.


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