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Post #708 - October 28, 1945 I Received Your Letter of Oct. 17, Yesterday, & You Were in a Bitter Mood


Oct 28, 1945

Dearest One,

Here I am again, after not I writing since Friday. I just hate to write & don't seem to give a hang whether I do or not. Darling, I hope, for both our sakes, that you soon will be home.—

I did nothing special this weekend—except for some shopping. I bought myself a white sports blouse, a grey gabardine sports dress—and a black hat – which I hope you'll like. It's a fairly large sized hat with a good sized brim, made of needlepoint & can be used for both sport & dress. I had a veil put on for extra effect. I still have a few more things to buy for myself, but I'm doing it gradually.

Today my dad, Ed, Jack & I went down to South St. to get each a suit & coat. Harry W. & M
ickey met us, as Harry wanted a coat, too. Well, Sweet you haven’t the slightest idea of what it is to get "half-decent” clothes at a fair price—it's simply impossible.

However, luck was with us. Harry got a blue colored covert box coat for $45, - & that is a cheap coat! Jack 
got a navy camel hair Chesterfield for $60 & with sheer luck—a chocolate brown suit for $40.00 & we had to talk plenty to get it at that price.

Best of all was the coat Ed got. Someone had given a deposit on it & had left it there too long so the fellow sold it to Ed. 
I want you to buy the same identical coat, providing it looks as well on you as it does on Ed & you can get one. It is a beige covert officer's military coat with a lining that is removable & cost $65.00 & it's well worth it. For a man's coat, it is positively striking!

I wish we were going shopping tomorrow, 
in spite of the ordeal.

Baby, I'm missing you so keenly these day 
that I'm almost beside myself with that feeling of “I want you!” I love you so much, Phil dear.

Gosh, almost forgot to tell you that I received your letter of Oct 17, yesterday, & you were in a bitter mood. I hope, since then, that you have more cause for rejoicing. Baby, I love you! See l can't even write sensibly anymore!

Your Eve

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